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17 September 2014
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On, you can listen to BBC radio programmes at a time to suit you. We've selected a few of the best recent programmes that have covered Prehistoric Life subjects.

Radio 4: Scars of Evolution

Radio 4: Attenborough investigates the aquatic ape

Did early humans develop around the sea? Is that why human babies seem so at home in the water? Listen online.

Radio 4: musical cavemen © Marko Zaplatil

Radio 4: Musical cavemen

Recent discoveries of bone flutes suggest that man was making music 40,000 years ago. Listen online.

Radio 4: Dinobirds © Portia Sloan

Radio 4: Dinobirds

Today, most palaeontologists agree that birds are directly descended from dinosaurs. But there are dissenting voices. Listen online.

Radio 4: Leaving the sea

Radio 4: Leaving the sea

Did the first animals to climb onto land look like foot-long, armour-plated woodlice? Listen online.

Radio 4: Whatever happened to the Woolly Mammoth?

Radio 4: Whatever happened to the Woolly Mammoth?

According to Dr Ross MacPhee, "if you give them a shave, they're very much like a modern elephant". Listen online.

Radio 4: Gigantism in dinosaurs

Radio 4: Gigantism in dinosaurs

How did the dinosaurs get to be so big? And why has no land creature since undergone such an impressive growth spurt? Listen online.

Radio 4: Oldest human fossils © Tim White

Radio 4: Oldest human fossils

Genetic evidence currently points to our early origins in Ethiopia. So could this find complete the evolutionary picture of mankind? Listen online.

Radio 4: Commuter belt killer

Radio 4: Commuter belt killer

120 million years ago the London commuter belt was a muddy swamp grazed by herds of wandering dinosaurs. Something must have preyed on them. Listen online.

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