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24 February 2015

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Prehistoric Life redesign

We've had a spring clean.

Some of our Prehistoric Life content had been on the site for a few years. Science has moved on, and our older content was starting to become out of date.

This means that a lot of our content has moved, and some of our older pages have been removed altogether. If you've bookmarked a page, or followed a link from somewhere else, you've probably arrived at the wrong place.

You can find links to some of our classic content below. Or check out our new Prehistoric Life homepage.

Prehistoric Life - classic contents

Big Al game

Big Al game

When your own mother might eat you, growing up is far from child's play. Try life as a young Allosaurus.

Seamonsters game

Sea Monsters adventure

Can you survive the seven deadliest seas of all time in this game? Take the plunge!
BBC News: Bizarre whale fossil found

Cavemen challenge

Caveman challenge

Are you a chimp or a champ? Put your skills to the test in our interactive challenge.

Evolution game

Evolution Game

The world is changing. You'll have to adapt if you want to survive. Play the evolution game and see if you can last until the present day.

Skeleton jigsaws

Skeleton jigsaws

For scientists a 50% complete fossil is exceptional. Think you could re-assemble a creature from a pile of bones?
BBC News: Greek mastodon find 'spectacular'

Sea monster fact files

Sea monster facts

They're huge, hungry and swimming your way. Meet creatures from the early oceans.
BBC News: New 'monster' sea fossils

Cavemen facts

Cavemen facts

Could you tell a Neanderthal from a Gigantopithecus? How much do you know about your ancestors and their relatives?

Burying bodies

Burying bodies

Only a tiny fraction of animals ever become fossilised. What conditions do you need to get a perfectly preserved specimen?

Making fossils

Making fossils

How does a flesh and blood creature turn into a fossil?
BBC News: Huge bird dino unearthed in China

Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs - 1999

With groundbreaking computer graphics, this series natural history of dinosaurs is still a classic.

Walking with Beasts

Walking with Beasts - 2001

Taking up the story where Walking with Dinosaurs left off, walking with beasts spans 65 million years of history from the death of the dinosaurs to the first humans.

Walking with Cavemen

Walking with Cavemen - 2003

Robert Winston traces the origins of the human species, from our African origins to the present day.


Seamonsters - 2003

Nigel Marvin takes a trip through the seven deadliest seas of all time

Making of...

The making of Walking with Beasts

There's no way to film an extinct animal - so how do you bring them to life?

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