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17 September 2014
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Does drinking two litres of water a day improve your skin?

It’s common knowledge that drinking two litres of water a day will keep us properly hydrated. But is this true, or another myth?

We enlisted the help of beauty conscious twins Susie and Alice to see if we could solve the mystery. We asked one of them, Susie, to give up their two litre daily bottled water addiction to measure how their body, and more importantly, beauty was affected. They got their fluids from tea, coffee and soft drinks instead.

"we lose approximately 2 litres of water each day"

Five days later we conducted some rigorous tests to see what had happened to the water-starved twin. Was her skin in a state of stress? Not really, no.

In fact, both Susie's moisture and elasticity showed no major change after five days. Why? Well, a reasonably inactive adult (like most of us who work in offices) loses approximately two litres of water each day through breath, sweat, urine, and faeces, which is where the myth that we need those two litres a day may have originated.

All drinks we have during a day, apart from alcohol, count towards making up this amount - including tea and coffee - and more than a third of our water needs comes from our food.

Watch the films in our interactive player and take a look at some Takeaway Tips on how to stay young and beautiful.

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