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17 September 2014
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Young & Beautiful Takeaway Tips


Follow our top tips for the definitive guide on to how eat yourself young and beautiful:

  1. Eat just one cupful of fresh or freeze dried berries every day to help keep your brain sharper.
  2. Up the amount of tomatoes in your diet - try adding a little olive oil as it helps improve the absorption of lycopene.
  3. Eat 100g of frozen or fresh spinach at least once a week to decrease the risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Add olive oil to the spinach to absorb the lutein better.

If you don’t like spinach you can try the alternative foods listed on our website.

  1. Kale - 30g steamed (1 large tablespoon)
  2. Peas - 250g (7 tablespoons)
  3. Summer Squash - 350g (9 tablespoons)
  4. Brussel Sprouts - 500g (about 50 sprout)
  5. Pumpkin - 500g (12 tablespoons)
  6. Broccoli (raw or cooked) - 350g (one small bunch)
  1. To get the benefits of polyphenol from wine it needs to be made in the traditional method of soaking the skin and seeds in the wine before fermentation for at least 2 weeks (modern methods soak for just a couple of days).
  2. Don’t forget to drink- drinking more water may not improve your kidney function but fluids are still essential to life.
  3. Swap the ready meals for frozen foods- they contain less additives.
  4. Don’t use a detox as a quick-solution diet. Instead follow a low in fat, high in fruit and veg diet if you want to lose weight for good.

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