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17 September 2014
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Does Detox work?

Despite the high profile of detox diets, very little research exists to prove whether it has any measurable value. In this study, we put the diet to the test, finding out if following a strict detox plan can really reduce the body’s toxic load and enhance the efficiency of our body’s innate systems.

"relying on a detox isn’t the solution"

We took ten party animals to a country cottage retreat for ten days to see if a detox diet could recharge their internal batteries. The group was split into two and half the girls were put on a balanced diet, including red meat, alcohol, coffee and tea, pasta, bread, chocolate and crisps (in moderation), with the remainder following a strict vice-free diet.

Can a short, sharp shock really change the levels of toxicity in your body in just a week?

After testing the kidney and liver functions and measuring the antioxidant and aluminium levels in their blood we found there were no differences between the groups.

Which just goes to show, in a binge and purge culture relying on a detox isn’t the solution. Your body has its own way of regulating toxins and a week of suffering won’t change that so you are better off sticking to a balanced diet all the time.

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