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17 September 2014
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How to stay young and beautiful

How to be young and beautiful looks at the everyday foods and drinks we consume and how they can help fight the ageing process, from the inside and out.

Read about the studies and watch the films in our interactive player. You can also take a look at some Takeaway Tips on how to stay young and beautiful.

The Detox Diet

We've all done them. Some people swear by them. But what do they do exactly? We enlisted the help of a group of fun loving girls to ask does Detox really work?

Spinach and Eyesight

If you knew you might be able to protect yourself from age-related eyesight loss simply by eating 50g of spinach every day, would it make a difference to your eyesight?

Tomatoes and Skin Protection

Is there is there something we can do all year round to give added protection to our skin from harmful UV rays?

Water and Skin

Four glasses? Two litres? Three bottles of pure spring water distilled by Tibetan monks? Just how much water should we be drinking every day to keep fresh and beautiful?

The Wine test

Red wine benefits your heart. Does it? Doesn't it? There are so many conflicting reports out there that it's hard to tell. We tried to find out the real truth about red wine and the best way to drink it.

Berries and Memory

With an increasingly ageing population cognitive impairment caused by ageing is something scientists are eager to reverse. Could the humble berry hold the key?

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