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17 September 2014
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Be Slim Takeaway Tips


Some takeaway tips to help you to downsize:

  1. We all know that the bigger the container the more of it we’ll eat. So do yourself a favour and downsize rather than supersize.
  2. Examine your portion sizes carefully - keep the evidence around until you have finished eating.
  3. Increase the amount of protein in your meal without increasing the calories.
  4. If you can’t cut down on the calories you are consuming, try a bit of NEAT activity:
  1. 15 min moderate walking will burn 52 extra kcal.*
  2. 15 min hoovering / dusting will burn 38 extra kcal.*
  3. 15 min weeding will burn 52 extra kcal.*
  4. 15 min moderate car washing will burn 43 extra kcal.*
  5. 15 min recreational cycling will burn 45 extra kcal.*

(* Based on a 40 year old female of 5’5" tall who weighs 12st 7lb and is moderately sedentary).

  1. If you think eating slow might benefit you: Time yourself eating a meal and then eat the exact same meal at another time, 50% slower. See if you are more satiated afterwards.
  2. Eat soup as a starter to your meal and water down soups and casseroles.
  3. If you’ve tried lots of diets and still find it difficult keeping off extra weight you could try writing down everything you eat in a food diary. Remember, everything counts - sometimes we forget how many calories we’ve actually consumed throughout the day and a diary may help.

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