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17 September 2014
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Truth About Food

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How to be slim

Ours is a world where it seems everyone is on, just finished, or about to start, a diet. The only really successful way to become slim is to change our lifestyle: to do more exercise and eat well. We explored some of the biggest dieting myths.

Read about the studies and watch the films in our interactive player and take a look at some Takeaway Tips on how to be slim.

Metabolism and Weight

We all think a slow metabolism inhibits us from losing weight. But where does the myth come from and can metabolism really be to blame for weight gain?

The Dairy Diet

We investigate into the enemy of all good dieters to ask, does eating cheese really makes us pile on the pounds?

Watch What You Eat

We enlist some ravenous re-enactors to see if clearing away the evidence of what we are eating makes it is easier to override our satiety signals.

Andrea Oliver’s Diet

Not satisfied with just demonstrating these dieting tips individually we brought in radio DJ Andrea Oliver to see if sticking to our top tips really can make you lose weight, healthily and permanently.


We delve into some food psychology to uncover why supersized products make us eat more than our appetites tell us to.

Filling Foods

We examine the biggest current trend in dieting, satiety, and ask which are the best foods for making us fuelled for longer?

The Soup Diet

It's the secret of every dieter - drink a glass of water before every meal and you will feel fuller quicker. But does it really work and if so what's the best way of making sure?

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