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17 September 2014
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The Semen Taste Test


Can food change the flavour of a man's seminal fluid?

There is a common myth propagated throughout women’s magazines that a man’s diet can have a radical effect on the taste of his sperm.

But can you really make sperm taste sweeter? In the interest of science we decided to find out.

We took three adventurous couples and turned them in to our Truth about Food guinea pigs. For three days prior to the experiment the men were to abstain from alcohol and to eat a bland diet containing no spicy or strong tasting food such as garlic or asparagus.

"all could taste a distinct difference"

We then asked the women to steer clear of any canoodling for two nights before the test to make sure there were no sneak previews of what diet their respective partners had been put on.

Each of the men followed a specific diet as closely as possible for three days. Chris took on ‘Hot and Spicy’, Paul ‘Fabulously Fishy’ and John ‘Fantastically Fruity and Fresh’.

On the morning of the third day we asked the men for a sample of their semen and then asked their partners what flavours they could detect, through smell and through taste.

It may be hard to swallow, but watch the video in our interactive player.

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