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17 September 2014
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Truth About Food

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How to be sexy

We explore the intimate connections between food and sex and unearth the truth behind the many food/sex myths deep-rooted in our culture.

Read about the studies and watch the films in our interactive player. You can also have a look at some sexy Takeaway Tips.

The Sperm Race

Over a six month period we followed a group of subfertile men on a specially designed diet to see whether a change in health and lifestyle could improve their sperm.

The Semen Taste Test

We recruited some brave volunteers to help us find out if you can detect what a man's been eating simply by tasting his semen. This may offend some people.

Eating on a Date

We replicate a study from the 80s to discover whether a woman in the noughties still leaves food on her plate if she fancies her date.

Premenstrual Syndrome

With a team of specialists we investigate into claims that increasing the amount of calcium and vitamin D in a woman's diet can help reduce the symptoms of PMS.

The Power of Smell

We conducted some cross-cultural tests to discover whether the smell of certain foods can sexually excite a man's penile blood flow.


Folklore has it that there exist magical foods which can entice the senses and arouse our libido. We tested the myth to see if aphrodisiacs really work.

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