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17 September 2014
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Truth About Food

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How to feed your kids

What is the truth about the foods our children eat? As they grow, how does what they put into their mouths affect their bodies, minds and behaviour or the habits formed as an adult?

Read about the studies and watch the films in our interactive player. You can also get some Takeaway Tips to about how to feed your kids.

Forbidding Foods

Is restricting or banning snacks really the best way to keep children healthy, or might hiding the cookie jar lead to even worse eating habits?

Learning to Love Veg

It's healthy to have at least five portions of fruit and veg every day. But what if your child won't eat it? With the help of some very cool child actors we did a test to see if we could persuade them.

Portion Size

By the time we are adults we have already learnt to override our "I'm full" signals and carry on regardless. But do children do this as well?

Sugar and Hyperactivity

Everyone knows that feeding a child too much sugar is a recipe for disaster. They will become hyperactive and chaos will ensue. Or will it?

TV Dinners

It seems the more television we watch the less exercise we do and the fatter we become. But this correlation has yet to be proved. Could there be another reason why watching TV might lead to obesity?

The Best Breakfast

What is the best way to start a kid's day? We examined a British and American breakfast to find out.

Interactive video player

Use our interactive video player to watch all of the tests and studies in the series tailored to your own tastes.

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