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17 September 2014
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How much wind does your average cowboy produce?

The average person expels 1/2 litre to 3 litres of gas a day. According to scientists, without our gut bacteria we would be expelling around 5 times this amount.

Bacteria in our guts convert the gases to a smaller volume before we expel them - a crucial job if we want to avoid intestinal discomfort and social embarrassment.

"the average person expels 1/2 litre to 3 litres of gas a day"

We took two of our prebiotic-eating horse wranglers and gave them especially designed ‘fart pants’ to wear for 24 hours to try and find out how effective our ‘gas munching’ bacteria are.

Which one of our cowboys expelled the most gas after 24 hours? Well, both Laura and Kyle expelled over 3 litres of gas, above average for human gas production.

So, next time you expel remember - if it weren’t for our ‘gas munching’ bacteria you’d be doing a whole lot more farting and a lot less socialising.

To find out how to reduce your gases take a look at our Healthy Takeaways Tips.

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