Maps and plans

Planning a kitchen

Design a kitchen activity using a basic plan of a kitchen and cut-out kitchen items.

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Quick tips for tutors

  • MSS2/E2.3; HD1/E2.1
  • Use planning tools of squared paper and graphic representations of furniture to aid design.
  • Discuss the use of scale drawing. Look at the language that is used to describe position.
  • Learners working in pairs could be encouraged to discuss various options, the reasons behind their final decisions and, where appropriate, how their real life experience of planning and designing has informed those decisions.
  • Encourage learners to work in groups on planning a kitchen and to record all the problems they encounter. Get learners to think about where electric points are, where the water and gas supplies might feed in.
  • Learners could make a plan based in a room in their own home. Are any learners thinking about redesigning a room in their house? Could this be a class activity?