Matching capacity

An activity in estimating capacity.

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Capacity worksheet preview

Quick tips for tutors

  • This activity presents the learner with four objects of varying capacity. There are more potential answers than objects so the learner must decide which capacities are represented by the images.
  • This can be completed using pen and paper. Alternatively tutors can provide the correct answers in the blank squares. The learner can then either cut them out or draw a line to match up into pairs.
  • Learners may have to guess some of the answers. The objective is not to get them right but to have a discussion about the amount of water used.
  • Learners should be encouraged to provide justification for their answer, even if it is a guess. What are they using to gauge the capacity? The activity can also be extended by asking learners if they can think of objects that would match the remaining capacities.
  • Tutors may wish to have an example of a litre jug or litre bottle for learners to use for comparison.
  • This worksheet is designed to promote further discussion using vocabulary relating to capacity, particularly litres, and estimation of amounts.