Number lines

Number line addition

An activity in using number lines to answer questions on addition.

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Number lines worksheet preview

Quick tips for tutors

  • N1/E1.4
  • Learners will be encouraged to use number lines to work out the answers to addition based questions. A space has been provided for them to insert the correct answer to each sum into the sentence.
  • Learners will find this easier if they have had a lot of practice using number lines for simple addition.
  • Tutors could provide green and red pens for them to use at the start and end respectively (you may need to connect green with go and red with stop). Three number lines have been provided. Tutors could laminate them for reuse.
  • Make sure learners do not count until they have moved one space (i.e. start on first number, move one to the left before counting). Learners can use a pencil or their finger to trace the movement.
  • Discuss with the learner any examples where using a number line may be useful.
  • If the learner has made any mistakes, support them in comparing their answers with the answer sheet. Did they start and finish in the same place?