Preventing accidents

A card-based activity about safety responsibilities.

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Quick tips for tutors

  • SLd/E1.1; SLd/E2.1; SLd/E2.2; Rt/E1.1
  • This activity can be used to raise awareness of the fact that every workplace will have health and safety issues. Learners are given three cards to choose from:  My responsibility, my colleagues’ responsibility and my employer’s responsibility.
  • The intention is that, in a whole group situation, each learner has a cut out of the three cards. The statements on page 1 are read out and the learners vote by holding up the appropriate card. Individual learners could also cut out the cards and select the card they think it the right answer. Alternatively, they can indicate their answer on the page.
  • It is often the case that many health and safety issues are everyone’s responsibility in some capacity (e.g. while the employer is responsible for ensuring equipment is safe, the individual should raise any concerns – it’s not enough to just avoid using that equipment if a colleague may be at risk as a result).Therefore, discussion should be encouraged to explore the different aspects to consider. The justification of the learner’s answer will be a key point to focus on.
  • Learners could be encouraged to come up with more situations to explore in this way.
  • Tutors may wish to develop a poster from this activity or support learners in making their own.