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Reading in pairs: Helping each other

Literacy learners talk about reading in pairs.

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Paired reading is reading with another person. We sit and discuss what we've read, giving each other support to understand the story.

[Reading from a book] "Comparing Apollo's music with Pan's is like comparing a golden trumpet with a tin whistle."


When I read to myself quietly, I don't seem to enjoy the story. I don't seem to take it in at all. But by reading in pairs, it seems to come to life.

[Reading from a story] "King Midas ran through the long grass, pushed his way through the long reeds and leapt into the river."


Working in pairs, that other person can tell you if you've gone wrong, and you can do the same. One of the main things that I learnt to make my reading much better is to emphasize and not make it boring.


[Reading from a story] "His golden robe clanged and swung on him like a giant bell."

My fear was probably reading out loud in a huge group. The support we get from each other or from reading in pairs is very good and it's sort of given me a confidence boost, a lot. Reading in pairs is good fun as well. We enjoy it.

[Reading from a story] "… because it pleased him to eat off gold. When the food arrived, he clutched a wing of chicken and bit into it…"

Quick tips for tutors

  • Short film about paird reading.
  • Literacy learners discuss how reading in pairs enhances their enjoyment of reading.
  • May be used to introduce the topic in class and stimulate discussion around the featured story.