Reading for pleasure

One-minute video on reading for pleasure

Why read for pleasure?

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Reading for pleasure means any reading that is mainly for enjoyment.



My name's Tommy Dawkins and I'm from Stoke-on-Trent. One of my favourite things I love to do is buy a programme from Port Vale - that's my club, that's my heart and soul - sit there and read it.

[Reading from the Port Vale programme] "Micky Adams says, 'I would like to welcome Lawrie Sanchez and all the staff, directors and supporters of Barnet FC…'"

Now, I read it, I understand it and it's fantastic.


My name's Louise Jones and I'm from Manchester. Now I'm reading nursery books with Daniel and I love it! It's really good.

[Reading to her children] "Freddie was a naughty fish. One day he saw a bright, shiny pearl…"

I love reading books and one time, you wouldn't catch me within a mile of a book.


My name is Shaun Allison, I'm from Huddersfield, and I like reading my local newspaper.

[Reading from the Huddersfield Examiner] "The UK's attitude to maths must change…"

Reading and writing's helped me to change my life.


My name is Nzinga Okera. I work for London Transport and I'm dyslexic.

I like reading Mills and Boon's books because they've got a good storyline, they're very romantic. I quite enjoyed reading it and I've been reading them ever since.


My name is Sue Chapman and I'm from Reading. My passion for cooking is actually sitting here, reading a recipe.

Let me see if I've got the ingredients. [Reading from her recipe book] "It's cod, haddock, cup of milk…"

It's such a wonderful thing to be able to read.

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