Number lines

Level 1 factsheets and worksheets

Notes on this topic

Number lines include:

  • Recognising that number lines may be empty or numbered and that the numbering may be continuous or go up in simple multiples.
  • Recognising that number lines may be used to add and subtract.
  • Finding the difference by counting on and counting back.
  • Matching calculations to diagrams of number lines.
  • Using a number line to add and subtract whole numbers, and decimals including money.
  • Finding the difference between positive and negative numbers.
  • Carrying out time calculations.
  • Recognising number lines may be marked with fractions or decimal numbers.
  • Using double number lines to do conversions and find equivalents between fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Recognising that number lines can also be used for multiplication by repeated addition or division by repeated subtraction.