About 'Secrets and Words'

Information about the dramas and the main characters.

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Secrets and Words is a powerful BBC One TV drama series. In each episode a character changes their life by improving their reading and writing. You can find more information about the series by visiting the Secrets and Words TV programme page.

BBC Skillswise has made some printable word games based on the Secrets and Words stories to go with videoclips from the dramas.

The printable word games are similar to the ones used in adult classes for reading and writing. Click a link on the right to try a game, for example JJ's poem.

You may also like to hear the inspiring true story of Sue Chapman, who learned to read in her 60s.  

Love Letters

JJ from Love Letters

JJ seeks help when he is unable to read the letters he discovers in his wife’s wardrobe.

Help Me If You Can

Valerie from Help Me If You Can

Danger looms as Valerie struggles to read the prescriptions in her job at the chemist.

A Study In Time

Sam from A Study In Time

Sam's relationship suffers when a tragic accident affects his ability to read and write.

The Crossing

Kathleen from The Crossing

Kathleen’s inability to read and write prevents her from helping a friend in need.

Mightier Than The Sword

Jackie from Mightier Than The Sword

Cracks appear in Jackie’s marriage when she secretly visits an adult literacy class.


Try an activity based on a videoclip from JJ's story, of JJ reading a poem to his family.

Or choose a link from the list on the right at the top of this page.