Supermarket offers and sales discounts

Are you getting a good deal?

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The cost of weekly food shopping has gone up in the past few years, so it is important that you shop around to get a good deal.

Supermarkets have lots of clever ways to get us to spend more than we want, such as special offers and ‘buy one get one free’ deals. Some of the discounts may not be such a bargain, or may be there to get you to buy more than you planned to.

Check that you are getting a good deal by working out the cost per item or kilo or litre so you can compare. 

You can find out if you could save money on your weekly shop using It lets you check online how much your weekly shop costs at five of the big supermarkets – Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. You can also check the price of health and beauty products including Superdrug and Boots.


  • Try ‘own’ brands – they are usually cheaper and you might like them.
  • Check that you are getting a good deal by working out how much one item costs. You may be better off buying fewer single items.

Guide to comparing sales discounts

Be careful of sales discounts when you go shopping. Which is better - ‘Buy one get one half price’ or ‘A third off’? Compare discounts with this handy guide. 

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sales discounts

How to work out the final price on a calculator:

  • work out what per cent is left to pay - e.g. 25% off leaves 75% to pay
  • divide this by a 100 (per cent means ‘per hundred’)
  • times this by the price

Example: to find 25% off £40

75% left to pay

75 ÷ 100 = 0.75

0.75 x £40 = £30

Mobile percentage calculator

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For a free quick percentage calculator for Android and iPhone, text SKILLSWISE to 81010, or visit on your phone’s browser.

Text messages to Skillswise cost around 12p to 15p depending on your network provider.

Compatible with most Android phones and iPhones and some other handsets.

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