Move your savings to get a better rate

To find out how if you could be getting a better interest rate for your savings, look at your savings accounts and write down the following details:

•  name of bank or building society

•  name of account

•  interest rate

•  is this an ISA?

•  balance in account 

Alternatively, you could download the savings table from the Rip Off Britain Guide to Getting a Good Deal. It's available in two formats:

Check what interest rate you get on your savings and move your money to another account if you find a better rate. Go to the Money Advice Service at to find a better account. Or use an online comparison service.

If you pay tax and have savings, you could consider a cash ISA. Cash ISAs are just like other savings accounts, but the interest you get is tax free. A stocks and shares ISAs is a tax-free investment in stocks and shares.


•    Locking your money away for a year or more in a fixed rate savings account could give you a higher interest rate. Be aware that you normally can’t get at your money during the fixed rate period, or only if you pay a fee.

•    Keep three to six months’ salary in savings that you can get to quickly in emergencies without being charged a penalty.

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