Phone contracts

Get a better deal on your phone calls

To find out how much you could save by switching your phone providers, look at your home and mobile phone bills and write down the following details:

Home phone

•  current supplier

•  name of tariff

•  cost per month

•  cost of extras per month

•  total monthy cost

•  total cost per year (monthly x 12)



•  current supplier

•  name of tariff

•  contract or Pay-as-you-go?

•  inclusive call minutes per month

•  inclusive texts per month

•  data allowance per month

•  total monthly cost

•  total cost per year (monthly x 12) 

Alternatively, you could download the home and mobile phone tables from the Rip Off Britain Guide to Getting a Good Deal. They're available in two formats:

Visit a comparison service to compare the cost of phone and mobile services. 

Ofcom has a list 
of mobile and home phone accredited comparison 

Ofcom has a list of mobile and home phone accredited comparison services. You also call them on 0300 123 333 or 020 7981 3040.


Look at your past home phone and mobile bills and work out when you use your home phone most. With your mobile, work out how many minutes of calls, texts and downloads you use.

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