Start a reading group

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Daphne talks about her experiences of starting and running a reading group

Why start a reading group?

•   Bring people together and make new friends
•   Build your skills in organising and leading a group
•   Have fun and give other people the pleasure of talking about books

How to find members?

•   Start with a few friends or colleagues then gradually add new members
•   Use local notice boards, or social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word
•   Word of mouth can work wonders
•   To get others interested in joining reading groups download our join a reading group poster  

Where to meet?

•   Why not try your local library, bookshop or college
•   Often groups meet in people's houses, or with colleagues in the workplace
•   How about a local café, pub or community centre? Or the park if it's nice out!

What to read?

•   Ask the group for ideas. If books are still available, easy to borrow or affordable to buy, you can't go wrong
•   Read book reviews in newspapers, magazines and online for inspiration
•   Ask libraries and bookshops for reading lists
•   Look on the Find a Read website
•   Why not start with the new Quick Reads?

Eek... the first meeting!

•   Tea and biscuits are handy to make people feel welcome
•   Make sure everyone is introduced to each other and settled before you start
•   Prepare a few questions or activities to break the ice. You can use our Quick Reads First line challenge as an ice-breaker
•   You can use this plan to run your first reading group meeting smoothly


Keep it going

•   Arrange visits to libraries, museums, other book groups or the cinema - sometimes there is a film out that's based on a book
•   Invite guest speakers or authors
•   Take part in national activities like the Six Book Challenge or international events like World Book Night

Remember, it can take time for a group to bond. Be flexible, encourage feedback and be open to suggestions. Your group can continue as long as you all want it to. Good luck!

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