Join a reading group

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Click on the image above to hear people who have joined reading groups talk about their experiences.

What are reading groups?

  • A group of people meet up to chat about something they’ve been reading
  • Every group is different - typically around 10 people meet up each month in a café, library, at work or at someone’s house
  • Not all read big books, you may not even have to read before a meeting  

Why join a reading group?

  • They are fun and social
  • Stimulate your mind with interesting conversations
  • Become a reading role model for your children
  • Be amazed how a book can move you

How do I find reading groups near me?

  • Ask in your local library or bookshop
  • Ask friends or colleagues
  • Go to the Reading Groups for Everyone website and simply type in your postcode

Most reading groups are very welcoming to new people. Why not go along to one or two and see if you enjoy them?

To get others interested in joining reading groups download our join a reading group poster.

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