Today Everything Changes by Andy McNab

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Today Everything Changes by Andy McNab

Chapter One

February 1968

The windows and doors of the building were boarded up and barbed wire was pinned to the top of the walls, but that wasn’t going to keep us out.

A rusty sheet of metal nailed over a small door to the side was loose. I jammed a bit of wood into the gap, pulled hard and the nails gave way. Several hands gripped the metal and it folded back to make a hole that we could crawl through. Murky light spilt down from six or seven skylights in the flat roof ten metres above our heads.

In the gloom I could see lumps of metal on the bare concrete f loor but, apart from that, the massive old Maxwell’s Laundry was empty...

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At the age of 16, I ended up in juvenile detention, or jail for kids. Detention didn’t help me at all. It just made me worse. As I saw it, the reason I was in there was everyone else’s fault. It just reinforced my belief that no one cared about me. And if they didn’t care, then why should I? (page 29)

•   How do you feel about prison for under 18s?
•   What would have happened to McNab if he hadn't been locked up at 16? 

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Imagine this book was turned into a TV drama.

•   What famous actors would you cast to play the main roles?
•   Why not try to act out a scene?

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