A Sea Change by Veronica Henry

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A Sea Change by Veronica Henry

Chapter One

The M5 motorway on a Friday afternoon in August was enough to drive you mad. It took Craig forty minutes just to get out of the city. Then the traffic would be nose to tail all the way from Birmingham to Taunton. Stop–start. Stop–start. A slow crawl that had him drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

Craig looked longingly at the hard shoulder. It was so tempting. If he got stopped, he could just flash his badge. He’d probably get away with it, except he wasn’t that sort of copper. He didn’t abuse his position. He had mates who had no problem with doing that kind of thing – breaking the rules – but Craig liked to stick to the letter of the law. He always played it straight, even if it wasn’t always the easy option.

He could feel his T-shirt sticking to the back of his seat. He wasn’t going to be a pretty sight...

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People had started making requests. They were always telling her she should go on The X Factor, or get an agent, or join a band. But Jenna knew there was a real difference mucking about and doing it for real. She wasn't convinced she had any real talent. (page 15)

• What do you think  holds Jenna back?
• Do you think TV talent shows like The Voice or The X Factor have a positive or negative effect on young people?

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Play the part

Imagine this book was turned into a TV drama.

•   What famous actors would you cast to play the main roles?
•   Why not try to act out a scene?

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