A Dreadful Murder by Minette Walters

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A Dreadful Murder is based on the true story of the shooting of Mrs Caroline Luard, which took place near the small village of Ightham* in Kent, on 24 August 1908. It remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century.

Mrs Luard was shot in broad daylight in the grounds of a large country estate called Frankfield House. She was nearly sixty years old, came from a wealthy, upper-class family, and was known in Ightham* for her charity work with the poor.

Her husband, Major-General Charles Luard, was a County Councillor and a Justice of the Peace. His closest friends were the Chief Constable of Kent and the local MP. He was nearly seventy at the time of his wife’s death. Although no one was ever arrested for the crime, it was believed by many that Charles Luard murdered his wife in cold blood, and that his friends helped him escape justice.

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The body of a woman lay face down on the veranda. Her feet pointed towards the veranda gate as if she'd mounted the steps, and her head was turned to the side with her left cheek uppermost. (page 6)  

• How do you think Mrs Caroline Luard was killed?
• Why do you think many people believe that it was her husband that murdered her?

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Play the part

Imagine this book was turned into a TV drama.

•   What famous actors would you cast to play the main roles?
•   Why not try to act out a scene?

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