Communication skills

Good communication

An introduction to good communication.

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Image of Good communication factsheet

Quick tips for tutors

  • SLd/E2.1; SLd/E2.2
  • This factsheet aims to provide a starting point for looking at communication skills and what makes a good communicator.
  • The factsheet can be used to emphasise the point that communication is not just about talking. It is as much about how well you listen and understand what is being said by others.
  • It is not always appropriate to speak freely, but learners should be encouraged and supported in expressing themselves, their thoughts, opinions and feelings in a manner that is appropriate for the conversation, situation, audience, etc. A series of role play scenarios would help reinforce these learning points.
  • This factsheet could be preceded, or followed up, by learners’ own experiences of discussions.
  • If learners have any particular concerns about communicating confidently, this could be an opportunity to explore this further and look at practical tips and advice that can help boost learners’ confidence.