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21 April 2014
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David Dickinson Advocates...
David Dickinson
Only Fools and Horses

"'Only Fools' proved that you can set a show in a scruffy, violent working class Peckham Council Estate without getting all Ken Loach about it. It made cockneys out of everyone born within earshot of BBC1. And put Peckham on the map".

"'Only Fools' gave the world Derek Edward Trotter, the fast-talking, quick thinking whirlwind at the centre of the show who stirs up clouds of cash, sambuca, dodgy Russian video cameras and affection wherever he turns. A fool worthy of Dickens or Shakespeare".

"And it gave us Rodney Charlton Trotter, the ultimate sidekick, straight man and annoying kid brother. The voice of reason, yin to Del's yang. Two GCE's and not an ounce of sense".

"The show is chock full of family values, practical morality and workaday virtues. Family and friends, loyalty and decency, curry and chips. It handles the heavy stuff - thwarted dreams, miscarriage and even death. But can still turn this unpromising material into comedy gold sometimes in a single sentence".

"The show and the characters have grown with the audience in real time. Del's got older, milder, then richer. Rodders has grown some sense and jowls. And it's all 'real', not padding"!

"It has the single best sight gag on telly - Del falling through the bar, and the second best - the chandelier falling down".

"'Only Fools' even had the perfect ending. The boys started off on their usual journey but this time came away with their dream of becoming rich realised, but only once Sullivan had realised all the dreams they didn't know they had by having them grow up, become kind to each other and everyone else and turn into fully rounded human beings".

"It's cheap as chips, but worth its weight in gold"!

About the Advocate
David Dickinson is an antiques expert and television presenter, best known for his work with 'Bargain Hunt'.
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What You Think

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This sitcom is simply the best because it was consistently funny every episode! It gave us the great comedy of Del Boy and Rodney. But it also gave us some of the greatest one - liners in sitcom history; 'During the war', 'Alright Dave', 'Alright Marlene', and everyone's favourite 'You plonker, Rodney'! This is a bobby dazzler of a sitcom!
- Andrew, England

Only Fools and Horses was a masterful piece of work thanks to John Sullivan. It was never uneventful. We could all relate to or understand the drama/laughter between the brothers and the close friends. Work of art.
- Adonis, England

Only Fools and Horses rule. When I was born in 1990 my dad and two uncles were mad about Fools and Horses and now I am too. Never missed an episode since 1999.
- Daniel, England

Only Fools and Horses has given me more laughs that anything in the last 20 years.
- PS Cameron, England

How many times we see Only Fools and Horses, we enjoy it so much. We can't get enough of them. Please keep repeating!
- Andri, Holland

It is brilliant comedy. It is fantastic writing. Impeccable acting! It is very British but at the same time universal as well.
- Can Esen, England

Only Fools and Horses gets my vote for sure after David Dickinson's plea.
- Neil, UK

Only Fools is just simply first class. The writing, the actors and the language. It's a comedy that appeals to everyone and will always be no 1 in my eyes
- Tom, Scotland

I have grown up with Only Fools and Horses for years and every time I watch it, it seems to get funnier. It is without a doubt the best sitcom and I am going to get all the videos and make sure my children see all of them when they're older!
- Katie, Ireland

Only Fools and Horses. Say no more! The rest should give up and go home.
- Craig, England

Luvvly Jubbly. The best ever. Nothing can match David and the gang. We want more - how about a special next year for 25 years silver Jubbly? Again, the best ever sitcom!
- Gary, England

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