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2 September 2014
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Rowland Rivron Advocates...
One Foot in the Grave

"Victor Meldrew is the ultimate People's Champion. Victor gives a voice to the things we all hate - litter, junk mail, video repairmen, excess packaging, more litter, rudeness, inefficiency, car mechanics, annoying kids. He says the things we always want to say ourselves but never dare".

"And when actions fail, Victor's main method of communication is - RANTING"!

"Just as Victor is brave, the series itself is brave too. Not only did 'One Foot'... do the unthinkable and undress its elderly lead actor, it even went a step further with the nation's favourite - animals"!

"One Foot must be the sitcom with the highest animal death toll. Fatalities included two tortoises, a frozen cat, a rotting hedgehog, a robin and a swan". Animal suffering didn't end there. Those narrowly missing the grave, included a puppy mistaken for a phone, a crushed dachshund and a missing snake".

"And where else would you find a sitcom brave enough to film almost an entire episode in the dark, during a power cut? In the end, the show was even brave enough to kill its star - though happily not the actor himself".

"And what about the theme tune - courtesy of former Python Eric Idle? A classic, surely. And Angus Deayton in his best pullover, as the nasty neighbour? Priceless".

"But finally, who could forget possibly the most famous catchphrase in sitcom history".

"'I don't believe it' was voted No.1 catchphrase in a recent tabloid survey, even though it was actually only ever used 15 times in 10 years".

About the Advocate
Rowland Rivron is a comedian, television and radio producer and writer, best known for his work with Jools Holland and Jonathan Ross.
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What You Think

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I love it, it is so down to earth and real unlike other sitcoms. Unlike `The Good Life` which is always cheerful, the depression and dark side of this comedy is much more realistic. All of the situations could happen in everyday life, it is just what they lead to which is bizarre but incredibly funny. It is also the only sitcom I know that uses old people, not just as the butt of the jokes (like Mrs Warboys) but it shows how not to live when you retire!
Rhajimanik, UK

Victor Meldrew was one of the greatest characters ever invented. This sitcom surely deserves to win!
- Chris M., UK

Brilliant in EVERY way!The only comedy that has kept me laughing out loud (& continuously).
- Pete H., England

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