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Last updated: 04 November, 2005 - Published 14:29 GMT
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Mahinda promises compensation for high security zone
Prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksha
Mahinda Rajapaksha -vote for me
Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse told soldiers of the Palaly army camp that although he is free to visit the UK or London or wherever he is not free to visit certain parts of the country.

Rajapaksha met the soldiers at the Palaly army camp and then addressed a public gathering at Nadeshwara College, Thelipalai Jaffna which is also situated in the high security zone.

Addressing the soldiers Rajapaksha said "The cease-fire needs to be revised" say agency reports.

The prime minister was accompanied by Hindu affairs minister Douglas Devananda and was able to talk to a few civilians.

In a broadcast over the state run radio station within the high security zone Rajphsha said" I am willing to make sacrifices for peace but there is one thing I am not willing to sacrifice that's my country"
 I am willing to make sacrifices for peace but there is one thing I am not willing to sacrifice that's my country"
Mahinda Rajapaksha

UNP atrocities

Rajapaksha said that the Opposition UNP has committed many atrocities against the Tamils.

He said that the UNP is responsible for mass scale riots and massacres against the Tamils in 1983, vote rigging in the Northern Development Council elections and burning of the Jaffna library.

Quoting a prominent Tamil poet Rajapksha reminded the audience that burning the Library sacred to the people of Jaffna was similar to shooting down Lord Buddha.

He said that as a cumulative effect of the all these atrocities the peaceful voice of the Tamils is now drowned in the echo of the gun.

Rasjapaksha said that he wants to become President not to fight a war but to restore peace.

He also said that the civilians living in the security zone should be compensated for the hardships they are undergoing.

Meanwhile sources from the area say that there were posters urging voters to abstain from the polls.

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