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29 October 2014

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A-Z of Archived films
Missed something at the cinema? Or maybe you're after more information on a film you want to buy or rent?
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The BBC Shropshire film vault contains reviews of films released between November 2001 and March 2005. For later films click here.

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8 Mile
Eminem semi-autobiographical drama.
Released 17th January 2003
Rated  15
9 Songs
Graphic sex film exploring a concert-going couple.
Released 111th March 2005
Rated 18
13 Going On 30
Jennifer Garner stars in this new take on 'Big'
Released 6th August 2004
Rated  12 A
21 Grams
starring Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro.
Released 15th March 2004
Rated  15
24 Hour Party People
British comedy about the rise and fall of Factory Records.
Released 5th April 2002
Rated 18
40 Days and 40 Nights
American comedy from Heather's director Michael Lehmann.
Released 31st May 2002
Rated  15
50 First Dates
Romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.
Released 9th April 2004
Rated  12 A
51st State
Action comedy directed by Ronny Yu.
Released 22nd February 2002
Rated 18
A series of romances in 60's Hong Kong in this gorgeous sequel.
Released 14th January 2005
Rated  12 A
A Beautiful Mind
Compelling biopic about mathematician John Forbes Nash.
Released 7th December 2001
Rated  12 A
About a Boy
Comedy based on the Nick Hornby novel.
Released 26th April 2002
Rated  12
About Schmidt
comedy starring Jack Nicholson as an ageing retiree.
Released 24th January 2003
Rated  15
A Cinderella Story
Hilary Duff gets to go to the ball in this classic fairytale.
Released 20th August 2004
Rated  pg
Ae Fond Kiss...
A thoughtful drama about race, roots, and cross-cultural love.

Released 17th September 2004
Rated  15
After the Sunset
Brett Ratner's romantic crime thriller, starring Pierce Brosnan.
Released 19th November 2004
Rated  12 A
Against The Ropes
Meg Ryan doesn't deliver the knockout performance in this film.
Released 14th May 2004
Rated  12 A
Agent Cody Banks
Teenage answer to James Bond, starring Frankie Muniz.
Released 25th July 2003
Rated  12 A
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
CIA teen agent is back, but this time he's in London.
Released 26th March 2004
Rated  pg
A Hole in My Heart (Ett Hal I Mitt Hjarta)
Sex, lies and surgery feature in this gritty Swedish drama.
Released 14th January 2005
Rated 18
A Home At The End Of The World
Low key drama from the author of The Hours.
Released 5th November 2004
Rated  15
Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer
Documentary about the infamous American mass murderer.
Released 21st November 2003
Rated  15
Colin Farrell stars as the infamous conqueror.
Released 7th January 2005
Rated  15
Remake of the Michael Caine classic.
Released 22nd October 2004
Rated  15
Will Smith plays boxer Muhammad Ali in this stunning biopic.
Released 15th February 2002
Rated  15
Alien the Directors Cut
Ridley Scott's seminal space horror, re-edited and re-released.
Released 29th October 2003
Rated  15
Alien Vs Predator
The two film beasts do battle.
Released 22nd October 2004
Rated  15
All Tomorrow's Parties (Mingri Tianya)
Yu Lik Wai brings you a slice of dystopian science fiction.
Released 2nd April 2004
Almost Peaceful (Un Monde Presque Paisible)
Jewish survivors of the Second World War learn to live again.
Released 18th June 2004
Rated  15
Along Came Polly
Romantic comedy starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston.
Released 27th February 2004
Rated  12 A
A Man Apart
Cop thriller starring Vin Diesel.
Released 4th April 2003
Rated 18
Amandla! A Revolution In four Part Harmony
Documentary about the role of freedom songs.
Released 19th December 2003
Rated  12 A
A year in the life of a Fascist-era provincial Italian town.
Released 17th September 2004
Rated  15
American Cousins
Mob comedy set in Glasgow.
Released 28th November 2003
Rated  15
American Pie - The Wedding
Breasts, bits, sex and swearing: welcome back teensploitation.
Released 15th August 2003
Rated  15
A Mighty Wind
A comedy from the team that brought us Spinal Tap.
Released 16th January 2004
Rated  12 A
Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
The snakes are back in this "horror" yawnfest.
Released 12th November 2004
Rated  12 A
Anatomie de l'enfer
Arthouse sexual shockfest directed by Catherine Breillat.
Released 26th November 2004
Rated 18
Supernatural Middle Ages drama.
Released 7th May 2004
Rated  15
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Anchorman stars Will Ferrell as moustachioed 70s chauvinist.
Released 10th September 2004
Rated  12 A
Italian tale of a woman on the outskirts of the Mafia.
Released 15th August 2003
Rated  15
Angel On The Right (Fararishtay Kifti Rost)
Tajikstani prodigal son drama.
Released 12th November 2004
Rated  12 A
Anger Management
Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler in a psychological comedy.
Released 6th June 2003
Rated  15
Anita and Me
Meera Syal's novel - Indian girl growing up in 70s England.
Released 22nd November 2002
Rated  12 A
Traumatic drama based on a true story.
Released 18th April 2003
Rated  15
Are We There Yet?
Ice Cube babysits two obnoxious brats in this road movie
Released 18th February 2005
Rated  pg
Assault on Precinct 13
Ethan Hawke stars in this classy update of the 70s thriller.
Released 28th January 2005
Rated  15
At Five in the Afternoon - (Panj É Asr)
Drama - About a girl struggling in post-Taliban Afghanistan.
Released 16th April 2004
Rated  u
Austin Powers: Goldmember
Third instalment of Mike Myers' comic creation.
Released 26th July 2002
Rated  12 A
A Very Long Engagement
If you liked Amelie you'll love this tale, set in post-war France.
Released 26th July 2002
Rated  15
A Way of Life
Gritty British drama about a teenage single mother.
Released 12th November 2004
Rated  15
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