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24 September 2014

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Haunted Shropshire
Lion Hotel
The Lion Hotel
With a county so rich in history, it comes as no surprise that we have so many haunted houses. Here are a couple of spine tingling tales... a cursed castle and a hotel haunted by a heartbroken chambermaid.

More weird Shropshire

Visit our haunted house
Those of a nervous disposition should not enter!

Fiendish Food recipes

Ludlow Ghosts

Ludlow Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of sad Marion de la Bruyere, who has been re-enacting her dive to death from the Pendover Tower since the latter part of the 12th Century.

Spooky Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury's wealth of historic buildings means we have no shortage of ghosts in the county town... from the milkmaid who wonders Raven meadows to the husband murdering Mrs Foxall who can still be seen walking through The Dingle.

Haunted Ironbridge
The birthplace of the industrial revolution harbours many ghostly tales, including spirits at the power station, victorian apparitions at Benthall Edge, monks at Madeley Court, Devilry at the Boat Inn and the ghosts of drowned children at Ferry Road.

Weirdness in Wem
The small north Shropshire Town isn't short of a ghostly tale or two, including the famously haunted town hall - see our photos.

Enjoy the best of this year's halloween festivities with our guide to Shropshire's events.

The ancient town of Much Wenlock unsurprisingly has a story or two, including a recently uncovered cemetery and the wandering ghosts of local saxons and romans.

Wilderhope Manor
if you're planning on visiting the manor, beware of the ghost of the Cavalier.

The RAF museum at Cosford hosts a spirit or two - Look out for the haunted bomber.

Devil's Chair
If you want to keep your soul, think twice before a visit to the Devil's Chair!

Legends: The Wrekin giant
How Shropshire's best-known landmark was made by a giant who hated Shrewsbury.

Legends: Mitchells Fold
The story of a stone circle and a cow with supernatural powers...

Sir Humphrey Kynaston: The elusive highwayman
About 400 years ago, the rural landscape of Shropshire could be a dangerous place to be.
But nowhere was as dangerous as Nesscliffe, the lair of the notorious highwayman Sir Humphrey Kynaston.


From "Haunted Shropshire" by A. Scott-Davis.

In 1235 the castle passed into the hands of the Corbets of Wattlesborough, whose descendants still own the castle today.

In the sixteenth century the castle was remodelled as an Elizabethan house before much of it was demolished when the new mansion was built in the 1580's. At least four sieges occurred here in the civil war.

Coffin better

While staying at the Lion Hotel in the 1800s a gentleman was found to have died in his room.

He was taken to the church where there was held a short service before he was buried.

Screams were heard by the grave digger late that night but ignored.

It was only when the screams became unbearable that the grave and coffin were opened - to reveal that the man had been buried alive, dying within his coffin.

Scratch marks were found on the coffin lid and his fingers were worn to the bone.

The Puritan of Moreton Corbet Castle

The house, built on the site of an earlier castle, was begun in the late 15th Century by Sir Robert Corbet who brought the plans back from Italy but died before its completion.

Moreton Corbet Castle
The spooky remains of Moreton Corbet Castle

He was succeeded by Sir Vincent Corbet who continued the work during the reign of King James I - when persecuting Puritans was considered the thing to do.

Although Sir Vincent was not a puritan he did not like to see them treated harshly and so he took in a puritan called Paul Holmyard who was his neighbour.

But as the puritan's ideals became more fanatical he told Holmyard to go from his property as he felt he could no longer protect him.

Holmyard survived for some time in the local woods by eating whatever he could.

Eventually he risked coming into the open and made his way to Morton Corbet where, upon his meeting Sir Vincent, he cursed the family.

"Woe unto thee, hard hearted man, the lord has hardened thy heart as he hardened the heart of the Pharaoh, to thine own destruction.

"Rejoice not in thy riches, not in monuments of thy pride, for neither thou, nor thy children, nor thy children's children shall inhabit these halls.

"They shall be given up to desolation; snakes, vipers and unclean beasts shall make it their refuge, and thy home shall be full of doleful creatures.."

The curse was fulfilled - at least insofar as Vincent and his son, Andrew, never lived at the house because they were so afraid of the curse. Eventually .

On a moonlit night the bedraggled figure of Paul Holmyard stalks the empty walls making sure no building goes on.

The haunted hotel in Market Drayton

During the nineteenth century a young chambermaid fell in love with a handsome traveller who often stayed at the hotel.

She succumbed to his charm and, in her innocence, believed his promises of marriage.

When she awoke the next day he had left the hotel, never to be seen or heard of again.

This broke the girl's heart. The situation for the young chambermaid took a turn for the worse, when a few weeks later she found she was expecting his child.

Taking herself up to room seven (the room of her lover) she committed suicide by hanging herself by the neck from a beam.

The hook remains in the beam to this day. Since that day room seven has been visited by the chambermaid at night whenever bachelors sleep there.

Whisking the quilt from the bed or standing over them, she smiles before vanishing.

Is this her spirited way of taking revenge on men?

On a brighter note it would seem that should you take her fancy your bottom is pinched and a light kiss is felt on the lips.

Because of her poverty in her short life she now collects various items of jewellery including rings which disappeared for months before reappearing in the most obvious place.

Her footsteps have often been heard in the ballroom and on the back stairs.
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