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24 September 2014

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Haunted Shropshire
Renold's House in Much Wenlock
Can you see the face at the window?
In Much Wenlock you'll find, Renold's House. Built in 1682. People claim that faces appear at the windows and children in Victorian outfits have been seen playing with spinning tops on the balcony.

More weird Shropshire

Visit our haunted house
Those of a nervous disposition should not enter!

Fiendish Food recipes

Ludlow Ghosts

Ludlow Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of sad Marion de la Bruyere, who has been re-enacting her dive to death from the Pendover Tower since the latter part of the 12th century.

Spooky Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury's wealth of historic buildings means we have no shortage of ghosts in the county town... from the milkmaid who wonders Raven meadows to the husband murdering Mrs Foxall who can still be seen walking through The Dingle.

Haunted Ironbridge
The birthplace of the industrial revolution harbours many ghostly tales, including spirits at the power station, victorian apparitions at Benthall Edge, monks at Madeley Court, Devilry at the Boat Inn and the ghosts of drowned children at Ferry Road.

Weirdness in Wem
The small north Shropshire Town isn't short of a ghostly tale or two, including the famously haunted town hall - see our photos.

Enjoy the best of this year's halloween festivities with our guide to Shropshire's events.

The RAF museum at Cosford hosts a spirit or two - Look out for the haunted bomber.

Moreton Corbet
A Puritan and a curse - need we say more?

Devil's Chair
If you want to keep your soul, think twice before a visit to the Devil's Chair!

Legends: The Wrekin giant
How Shropshire's best-known landmark was made by a giant who hated Shrewsbury.

Legends: Mitchells Fold
The story of a stone circle and a cow with supernatural powers...

Sir Humphrey Kynaston: The elusive highwayman
About 400 years ago, the rural landscape of Shropshire could be a dangerous place to be.
But nowhere was as dangerous as Nesscliffe, the lair of the notorious highwayman Sir Humphrey Kynaston.

From "Haunted Shropshire"
by A Scott-Davis

Similarities between Dick Whittington's coat of arms to those of Fouke Fitswarine (who was largely responsible for the building of Whittington Castle) may not be pure coincidence and the cottage where he reputedly lived is not far from the Castle.

With the A5 passing right in front of the Castle gates its seems entirely reasonable that Dick set out along this ancient route to London to seek his fortune.
Much Wenlock

In 1984 when renovation work was being undertaken a previously unknown cemetery was discovered. The articulated skeleton of an adult male was the first to be unearthed from beneath a wall.

Later, remains of two young ladies adjacent to the male were excavated. It is thought they may be Saxon or Roman civilians who lived nearby.

For many years local residents have talked of seeing a group of people, heads lowered, standing in the yard and nearby passage.

Just around the corner from the antique shop, in High Street is Renold's house, which is of a distinctive appearance with its fine timber frame and mid-floor balcony.

Built in 1682 it has had a chequered history including periods of standing empty.

It was on one such occasion that strange things began to happen.

Faces appeared at the windows and children in Victorian outfits were seen playing with spinning tops on the balcony.

The haunted supermarket

More recently there were reports of a haunted supermarket in Much Wenlock.

And when workers began carrying out improvements to the Spar shop, just off The Square in Much Wenlock, things started happening.

The Spar at Much Wenlock
The haunted Spar shop at Much Wenlock

Shopping trolleys began moving on their own, heavy breathing was heard and there were even apparitions.

The problems started after the builders dug up ancient pottery and old bones underneath the building.

In early 2002,trainee manager Michelle Willis told BBC Midlands Today: "I was sitting over by the computer.

"I could hear breathing. I opened the door but nobody was there.

"What's been going on at the moment is enough. It's enough and I'm frightened of it."

Trolleys in the storeroom appeared to have moved on their own and one member of staff felt a hand on their shoulder.

Shop supervisor Jody Anderson also witnessed an unexplained event: "I was going out to the back to wash some cups, when I saw something appear.

"It stayed for something like 15 seconds and then it disappeared, totally," he said.

The shop is on the site of a medieval alehouse in the historic town.

But when they were digging down, the builders found unexpected remains.

"Items of crockery, lots of bones, definitely human bones," said builder John Todd.

"The abbey cemetery was moved here in the 12th Century and we came across all these human bones," he said.

Click here to see our panoramic image of The Square, Much Wenlock
Click here to see our panoramic image of The Square, Much Wenlock. The shop is in the red brick building to the left of the town clock.

The Cavalier at Wilderhope Manor

in the latter part of the sixteenth century by Francis Smallman whose initials, and those of his wife Ellen, appear in the plasterwork of the ceiling.

A writer spent a week's holiday at Wilderhope because he'd heard about the ghost of a cavalier who haunts the main hall.

For the first night nothing happened but the following day when he was up on scaffolding painting the fine plaster ceiling he suddenly became aware of a tall figure standing in the doorway.

At first he thought it was the warden checking up on him but then he noticed that the man was dressed in a full cloak, a floppy hat with a large plume, and thigh length boots.

He then thought he was a visitor in fancy dress, but when he said 'Hello' all the visitor did was to raise his head slightly, before walking across the room and passing through a solid wall.

He is joined on occasions by a young girl who smiles sweetly before screaming - a scream from Hell...

The children of Whittington Castle

In 845 Welsh Prince Ynyr ap Cadfarch built a castle at Whittington, which was seized by the Norman lord Roger de Montgomery after 1066.

Montgomery then gave it to Sir William Peveril of Peak, who built a new castle on the site.

Whittington Castle
Whittington Castle

When his young daughter Mellet wanted to marry, the challenge was put out to the bravest knights in the land with Whittington castle as dowry.

Guarine de Metz, Sheriff of Shropshire won the contest, wife and castle. Their descendants, the Fitz Warines, held the castle for over 400 years.

In the twin gatehouse towers of the once proud castle, the ghosts of two small children are often seen peering out of the small windows.

More on Whittington Castle

The headless horseman of Ruyton XI Towns

Ruyton has an interesting history as a village created from eleven small hamlets under a charter of 1310.

If you're brave, walk to the church at midnight. Locals tell of a mist rolling up from the valley, engulfing the churchyard and old Ruyton castle.

Following the mist is a headless horseman seen riding toward the old castle keep, before disappearing through ever-thickening mist.

The ghost in a bottle at Coton

One of the eleven townships which makes up Ruyton is that of Coton, which means 'town next door'.

The main house of Coton, Coton Hall, was owned at one time by Corbet Kynaston and it is he who is said to haunt the house, or rather did; for in 1788 the Rev. David Evans decided to put old Corbet to rest because his antics and noise were becoming unbearable.

Rev. Evans and five other ministers entered Coton Hall, prayed for the soul's to rest while they held candles.

By midnight they had enticed Corbet into a bottle which was sealed before being thrown into the nearby pool.

Although this laying to rest is supposed to work for one thousand years, tenants in Coton Hall at the turn of the century complained of milk churns rolling about and a bush at the edge of the pool bursting into blue flames.

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