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24 September 2014

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Haunted Ludlow
Ludlow Castle
Ludlow Castle, haunted by Marion La Bruyere
Ludlow Castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of sad Marion de la Bruyere, who has been re-enacting her dive to death from the Pendover Tower since the latter part of the 12th Century.

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Visit our haunted house
Those of a nervous disposition should not enter!

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Spooky Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury's wealth of historic buildings means we have no shortage of ghosts in the county town... from the milkmaid who wonders Raven Meadows to the husband murdering Mrs Foxall who can still be seen walking through The Dingle.

Haunted Ironbridge
The birthplace of the industrial revolution harbours many ghostly tales, including spirits at the power station, victorian apparitions at Benthall Edge, monks at Madeley Court, Devilry at the Boat Inn and the ghosts of drowned children at Ferry Road.

Weirdness in Wem
The small north Shropshire Town isn't short of a ghostly tale or two, including the famously haunted town hall - see our photos.

Enjoy the best of this year's halloween festivities with our guide to Shropshire's events.

The ancient town of Much Wenlock unsurprisingly has a story or two, including a recently uncovered cemetery and the wandering ghosts of local saxons and romans.

Wilderhope Manor
if you're planning on visiting the manor, beware of the ghost of the Cavalier.

Moreton Corbet
A Puritan and a curse - need we say more?

Devil's Chair
If you want to keep your soul, think twice before a visit to the Devil's Chair!

Legends: The Wrekin giant
How Shropshire's best-known landmark was made by a giant who hated Shrewsbury.

Legends: Mitchells Fold
The story of a stone circle and a cow with supernatural powers...
Ghost on a rope

The ghost of Ludlow Castle is of Marion La Bruyere who loved an enemy of the castle's lord.

Late one evening Marion agreed to meet her knight, to do this she lowered down a rope from the high tower for him to climb up to meet her.

However, love was not all that was on his mind.

On one particular occasion her lover left the rope dangling to allow an enemy of the castle's owner to send in a small army.

Within a short time the castle was invaded by 100 men and Ludlow was in the hands of its enemies.

Realising her lover had betrayed her, Marion snatched her lover's sword and cut his throat.

Then in grief and shame, she threw herself from this tower onto the rocks below.

It is said that If you visit the tower at dusk on quiet evenings her ghost can be seen.

If, however, you go on the anniversary of her suicide, at the correct time you may also hear her screams...

Soldier who walks the Ludlow streets

Another Ludlow ghost appears in Market Street, one of the older parts of Ludlow, and also haunts the Globe Inn where a grisly murder occurred long ago.

The phantom is alleged to be that of a medieval soldier, Edward Dobson, who was based at Ludlow Castle, and in the service of Richard, Duke of York.

Ludlow Castle
Ludlow Castle
He is reputed to have died during a pub brawl in 1553 and his ghost, a bewigged figure with a cloak around his shoulders, is said to hover around the spot of his demise.

The Hanging Tower of Ludlow Castle is said to contain the sounds of heavy breathing.

It is believed that the noises come from a ghost of a soldier who attempted unsuccessfully to gain access to the Castle during the 16th Century.

In Ludlow churchyard, the phantom of a tall elderly woman with grey hair shuffles among the tombstones dressed in a long drab-coloured robe. She has also been seen near the rectory.
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