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13 November 2014

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Bollywood previews

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Ashmit Patel as Josh in the movie Toss

Ashmit Patel as Josh in the movie Toss

Toss – A flip of destiny

Toss is a fast paced thriller keeping you on the edge of your seats.

Director: Ramesh Khatkar
Cast: Ashmit Patel, Prashant Raj, Aarti Chabria, Rannvijay Singh, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sushant Singh.

Intensely talented and serious Sami (Prashant Raj) is the creative head of a leading advertising agency. Honest, up front and a doting lover, Sami is a person who is righteous and idealistic believing in simple living.

Suddenly he faces a complex situation brought about by the toss of a coin. Sami now has to make a choice - his principles or the fatal attraction.

Ryan (Rannvijay Singh) is a carefree guy in love with Fiyona. Living life the easy way, Ryan gets lucky by the flip of a coin but will luck always be with him?

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Fiyona is a believer of God but her blissful world gets shattered when the truth comes to the fore. Will she be able to handle it?

We also have the stylish, handsome hunk Josh (Ashmit Patel) who is Sami’s best friend. An aggressive marketing professional by nature, Josh can easily trade morality for money. His choice is simple – all or nothing.

Josh is in love with Sherry (Madhurima), a naïve innocent, homely girl who hasn’t got a clue what is about to happen when she makes a choice between love and money.

Soon, an incident changes the lives of these close friends. This happens when they return from a holiday. To their horror, they stumble upon a huge amount of unaccounted wealth and a dead body.

Dreaming of a prosperous life, they decide to share the money amongst themselves without realising the consequences of their actions.

They calculate the risks but forget to take into account their friendship. When they realise, it is too late because the local gangster Dada (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his henchmen Sada (Hardik Sangani) and Two (Sushant Singh), are on their trail.

Dada needs the money for his personal gain and is prepared to chop a few heads and break a couple of bones in the process if need be.

What’s more, as these friends run to save their lives, the law in the form of Mr. Denzel D' Cunha (Zakir Hussain), Senior Inspector, Panjim Police Station catches wind of the missing loot.

These friends now find themselves treading a path where greed rules and death has an equal chance of triumph.

An action thriller in the making, Toss keeps you on tenterhooks till the end. It's anyone's guess who will survive and who will claim the booty as money awaits its new set of victims. After all it’s a flip of destiny!

Previewed by Manish Gajjar
BBC Bollywood Correspondent

last updated: 24/07/2009 at 17:22
created: 24/07/2009

You are in: Shropshire > Entertainment > Bollywood > Bollywood previews > Toss – A flip of destiny

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