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13 November 2014

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Su Edmundson having her hair cut

Su faces the chop

Su's hair-raising cancer charity cash effort

Su Edmondson was so upset about her friend Carly's hair loss after cancer treatment she decided to have her waist-length locks cut off to raise money for charity.

Carly Rose, who is 52, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of January. She has since had a mastectomy and a course of chemotherapy which made her hair fall out. Her friend, district nurse, Su Edmondson decided to try and raise some money for Breast Cancer Care, so she has had her head shaved.

Carly said it had all started when she noticed a dimple in her breast and then a lump. She decided to get it checked out straight away: "My mum's sister died of breast cancer many years ago, so I knew there was an element of family risk."

Su Edmundson's charity challenge leaves her hairless

Su's final cut

Tests found two tumours in one breast and she had a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy which, she said, was not as bad as she had feared.

She did start to lose her hair a couple of weeks after the first treatment and not just on her head.

The little hairs in her nose went too: "You don't think about them but they give you that notice that your nose is about to run and when you haven't got the little hairs up your nostrils you don't get quite so much notice.

Su Edmundsun and Carly Rose

Su and Carly after the challenge

Carly got fed up with her hair falling up so Su cut the rest of it off for her: "It's so tedious when it keeps falling off into your dinner. All these hair strands land on your food."

Su said she had felt helpless when Carly told her about her diagnosis, but then her friend's hair started to fall out she realised there was something she could do.

 "I thought 'Hang on I can do something now' so I said 'I'll tell you what, I'll match your hairstyle for you and see if I can raise some money'." she said

43-year-old Su has had her waist-length hair shaved off and has so far raised more than £800 for the charity.

She has also donated her hair to the Little Princesses Trust which makes wigs for children who have had chemotherapy.

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You are in: Shropshire > Radio Shropshire > Radio Features > Su's hair-raising cancer charity cash effort

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