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13 November 2014

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Adam Green and Helen Murray at the source of the River Severn

Adam and Helen at the Severn's source

The Severn in Seven

BBC Shropshire's Adam Green and Helen Murray are running the 210-mile-long Severn Way footpath as it follows the River Severn from its source to the sea.

Early morning on Tuesday, 7 October BBC Shropshire's Adam Green and Helen Murray will standing beside a stream at the top of Plynlimon in Mid Wales. Seven days and 210 miles later the pair hope to be arriving at the River Severn's estuary outside Bristol.

"The run, the piffling, insignificant jaunt along the banks of the Severn is secondary to the real purpose... It's all about your stories."

Adam Green

The Severn in Seven sees Adam and Helen run the Severn Way, the longest riverside footpath in Britain, as it follows the river from its source to the sea. Along the way they will be meeting people who live and work around the Severn and discovering a few stories.

Adam and Helen will be running the Severn Way as a relay, with only one of them running at any one time. Even so, it promises to be tough test, as each runs the equivalent of a half marathon every day. As well as the mental and physical challenge of the run there's also the issue of navigation, as several times the Severn Way is forced to depart from the river's course.

Adam and Helen are keen runners and both have completed the London Marathon in recent years. They have put in many hours of preparation, organising the route, as well as the training itself, as Helen explained: "I have been putting the miles in and my running kit has come with me everywhere since April, much to the amusement of housemates, friends and colleagues."

A support vehicle, driven by Adam's dad will be following the route and taking the runners to their next relay hand-over point. It will also be carrying emergency supplies and back-up clothes and trainers.

Get involved with the Severn in Seven

If you live or work alongside the Severn, or enjoy the river in any other way, get in touch with us or send us your photos of the river.

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time is passing ... it's the new year and we have yet to hear your plans for the future.Severn in six ?or even with apologies to Jerome Three BJs in a Severn?or even Three BJs in DJs in a Severn

Charlotte Carver
Well done Helen and Adam! I have just read (most of) your blog and am amazed at your stamina and determination.

Maureen and Heather
Excellent result! Well done intrepid Miss Murray, Mr Green and team. Hope they let you put your feet up at the office when you get back! What next?! Many congratulations on your fantastic achievement and making us smile with your diary.

Jen and Mary (Sheperd)
Congratulations to you both and Adrian - well done.Have been listening to your progress all week on Eric's show and catching up on the internet.

Gill with the bike
Very well done Helen, Adam and Ian (and support team). It has been great tracking the progress and seeing how such positive attitude (and some good weather) can be so inspiring.What's next?I look forward to hearing.

Jan Haycox
Helen and Adam,Almost there now. What a great achievement.You have both done Salopians very proud.Helen your Dad is struggling with his legs today!!.We look forward to seeing you soon.From a very proud CERC Team at Harper Adams University College.Fancy trying the Tay next???

Tracey and Sam
We have followed your progress in awe. You have both kept going through good and bad and are an inspiration to EVERYONE. Wish we could have been at Sharpness and Bristol to see you as we have lived in both places. We now live in good old Shropshire and achievements like this from people like you make us proud to live here!!! Congratulations and best wishes to all involved xxxx

Neil Groom
There must be something strange in the water in Rossett since all the murray family are completly mad doing ""fun runs"". Good luck and enjoy your first pint afterwards.

Joost Tuyn
I'm amazed that Helen has such clean feet after being through all that mud; she could go in for feet modelling! Adrian has made a good job of repairs by the look of it - should get you to Bristol. Good Luck. Wonderful achievement so far - Radio Shropshire should be proud of you both.

Mary Tuyn
Well done. keep going; tomorrow you will be saying 'Last day tomorrow'I have been listening anxiously for the updates on the heel/legs situation and pleased that Helen, you are feeling better today. Poor Adam sounded as if he was struggling this a.m. but hopefully as the day goes on you will feel better. It was great meeting you on Thursday and I feel I am with you in spirit. You are two wonderful young people and I know that you have the determination to get there! You also have a wonderful dad, Adam. - great team. Good Luck, God BlessMary

good luck to you both. watching your route each day.

keith booles
You two are absolutely fantastic....I pray each day for fine weather and strong muscles in those legs of make us Shropshire people so proud to be with youGood Luck for those remaing miles and look forward to my traffic reports soon Adam with the merriment with Eric

H. Jones - Shrewsbury
Seven has been a lucky number this week - your're almost there. Be very proudall good wishes

Jean and Steve Thomas

Good luck Adam and Helen on your run!!!

Tom Murray
Following this all the way from Qatar - what you are both doing is remarkable... keep on going!

john cherrington
Adam and Helen you are not just stars in Shropshire you are international. I am following your progress with interest. You are both very brave or very stupid probably the former. all the best and best foot forward, Suisse John

Julia Collins n Air Amb mascot Suma (dog)
Congrats Helen n Adam on your amasing journey...Gods speed,n God Bless you both.xx

Bizstar business to business network
all of us here at wish you all the best on your journey and hope it goes well, good luckthe team Bizstar

Looking up the Severn valley from the A41 yesterday evening was a little Narnian; the valley was orange, mist was gathering and three Hobbits with a big van were out there having an adventure. It must be so nice to have the sun on tour back rather than mud and rain... Oh and well done with the cows.

Stephanie Mackey
You will always be glad you did this. Very inspiring, and is it downhill all the way?

Gail Foster
Very best wishes- what an amazing challenge.Hope the rain & floods don't hinder you too much!Good luck xx

Jan Haycox
Helen and Adam Wishing you all the Best on your Run.We know you can do it!!!!.From The CERC Team at Harper Adams University College.p.s. Helen we know your Dad is very proud of you.

Morning.... this is one of several web pages.. Its 34 miles today... give me a bike anyday of the week! xx

Hello all I can say to you both is enjoy and all the best.

Gill Horsfield - Belvedere House
The very best of luck to both of you. I'm proud to be hosting you at my B&B on the 12th, so is it double portions all round for breakfast? See you soon.

Nigel Martin
Sounds like its going to be really hard work ,but a great sense of achievement at the end ,wishing both all best of luck(better not say break a leg)

kuldip johal
good luck adam and helen, i have only recently started to listen to bbc shropshire and find it interesting and topical whilst driving to work, will you be raising any money for charity, if so i will donate.

Heather Lucas
This is a brilliant idea. Are you going to be raising money for good causes on the way. e.g. Air Ambulance, RNLI?? If so I will support. I ahd thought that Adam was going to challenge Jim to a running/bike race!!!

You are in: Shropshire > Severn > The Severn in Seven

Severn in Seven

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