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13 November 2014

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You are in: Shropshire > Blast > Joni's Blast arts diary

Blast reporter Joni Stephens

Blast reporter Joni Stephens

Joni's Blast arts diary

Find out more about Shropshire's Blast arts reporter Joni Stephens and what she's up to this summer.

Tuesday, 26 August

Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2008

I had a great time at Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Managed to interview Kerfuffle, a wonderful young band, and The Duhks from Canada. 

It proved to be a very eventful weekend. Colin Nicholls, from the merchandise team sold the very shirt off his back to start! Then there was The great fire of West Mid... ahem! A venue caught fire onsite - very exciting, a bit scary though seeing it was an electrical fire. The Green Room incident was also a bit interesting – I got kicked out by the Artists' Liaison rep. Was just about to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity then "It's time for you to leave" woman appeared-grr. That was fun! Gen Tudor was most put out.

V Festival mud

V Festival mud

Ben and his sexy description was also a stunner. Ben, a young budding Sound Engineer who is not even in Secondary school, gave a very lengthy description of how he felt about a lead singer of a certain band - no more detail as Ben will be mortified! Ooh and to round up the madness of the weekend, the lighting desk blew up on Friday - marvellous!

All in all, I had loads of fun - the weather was great, the people were fun and interesting, the food was tasty and the comedy acts that naturally happened over the weekend on and off the stage were legendary! Speaking of comics, I’ll be chatting to Gary Lockley and Marion Bleakley soon, two local comics who are on their way in the genre of laughs. Keep an ear and an eye out for more detail to come!

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created: 31/07/2008

You are in: Shropshire > Blast > Joni's Blast arts diary


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