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29 October 2014

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Police drone over Weston Park

Police drone over Weston Park

Is it a bird... is it a plane?

Ever since Woodstock, helicopters have been seen in the skies above festivals, only the technology changes.

V Festival is a safe place to go, police are happy that crime rates are very low, but that doesn't mean they won't be taking security seriously at Weston Park.

"We are well-used to looking after thousands of people who come to V, but it’s important for everyone to do their bit in protecting their valuables."

Chief Inspector Pete Owen

This year, they are bringing in a new measure to make sure you won't be a victim of crime - a helicopter... no, not the usual police helicopter, nor some big executive job that you may see ferrying the artists in, but an unmanned drone weighing less than a kilogram.

The drone may be small, but it carries the same camera that the police use in their full-size helicopters and in their CCTV vans.

Here are the top tips from the police to make sure all you have to worry about at the festival is how you're going to fit in all the music.

Be safe… and keep your stuff safe  

Keep your cash on you, and don't flash it around.

Ideally, don't bring valuables like mobiles or mp3 players. But if you must bring them, keep them close - or why not leave them at the lock-up facility in the welfare area provided by the organisers?

If you're coming in a car…

Most car crime at the festival is committed when thieves spot an opportunity that’s too good to miss. In just a few seconds they can leave you with damage and hassle that takes weeks to sort out. So don't let them have it easy:

Police drone over Weston Park

Look up - see the drone

  • lock your car
  • don't leave anything inside
  • fit a steering lock or set the alarm
  • leave your sat nav at home. V is well sign-posted, so why risk having a nice piece of kit nicked?
  • consider travelling by bus from Wolverhampton or Stafford rail stations whether you've travelled by train or not.

If you're camping…

Never leave valuables in your tent.

Pick out a landmark to help you find your tent among the 30,000 others - especially if you won't be rolling in till the early hours!

Thieves can strike even when you're asleep. If you've got stuff you don't want to lose, keep it close - ideally, right next to you in your sleeping bag.

last updated: 16/08/07

You are in: Shropshire > Features > General Features > Is it a bird... is it a plane?

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