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29 October 2014

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Jake Flowers

Jake Flowers

Jake Flowers in profile

South Shropshire singer-songwriter Jake Flowers has played all over the UK in the past few years, taking his lovely voice to audiences everywhere from the Green Man Festival to our very own Room 9, and it seems there's much more to come.

As one half of The Jake Flowers Scandal, a frequent collaborator with the Sheffield-based Carol-Anne Showband and also a solo artist in his own right, Jake has had quite a busy time of late, attracting interest from all quarters.

Playing on the same bills as The Sunshine Underground, Tiny Dancers and Mojave 3 would be a dream for most artists, but it doesn't seem he's willing to settle for that.

"It was less music and more writing that got me into it I think. I've always been writing prose and stories since I was a child."

Jake Flowers

He recently spent some time in the studio with Gavin Monoghan - the guy whose name you will see written on the back of albums by the likes of Editors, Kings Of Leon and The Smiths. So it seems he's in fairly good company.

The music itself is a blend of alternative and folk, with a mixture of different tempos and themes. There's the sad and romantic stuff like Rosalie, but if you're into something a bit faster or for something to listen to while hiding in the bushes outside your ex's house, look out for the track Stalker.

Jake is an talented musician with a striking voice, but when he started, the music was secondary to the writing: "I picked up the guitar probably when I was 13 or 14, but it was less music, more writing... rather than learning other people's songs I sort of straight away started writing... I think it's got a bit better since then."

Considering who he has played with, who he has recorded with and taking into account the fact that his website quite clearly proves how good his music is, hands up who thinks he was maybe being a bit modest to describe his music as merely "not at all bad"?

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You are in: Shropshire > Blast > Jake Flowers in profile


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