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24 September 2014

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Shrewsbury Town

You are in: Shropshire > Sport > Shrewsbury Town > New stadium - a fan's view

Stand at New Meadow

Stand at New Meadow

New stadium - a fan's view

Seventeen-year-old fan Sam Morris takes a tour of Shrewsbury Town FC's new £15m stadium. It's on-course to open in time for the 2007-08 season.

With much controversy surrounding Shrewsbury Town's new multi-million pound stadium on Oteley Road, I had the pleasure of being given a guided tour around the site, with the club's marketing manager Steve Wellbeloved.

Firstly, after putting on the hard hat and fluorescent jacket, I was shown around what will be the main entrance to the ground, the ticketing windows and the new club shop. The sheer size of this structure was what amazed me. We were then taken upstairs in this building to be shown the various corporate facilities that the new stadium will have. I can say that anyone who uses these facilities will be able to watch the matches in absolute luxury.

After viewing the changing rooms, I was shown around the main stand, complete with 8 stylish executive boxes. The view from this stand is better than what you can expect from many a Premiership club. With unobstructed views from wherever you will sit, you won’t miss a thing.

Pitch at New Meadow

I then proceeded to what will be the equivalent to the current Wakeman End. This stand was surprisingly large, and will accommodate around 2,000 spectators. The concourses underneath all the stands, bar the away end, will have plasma screen televisions showing the last away game of the club, and have interviews with the manager and players. During the game, these will also broadcast the live match, so anyone wanting to get a pie won't miss any of the action!

The Riverside is one of the most popular stands at the current Gay Meadow and the equivalent at the new ground will be even better. With a large TV gantry at the rear, there will be the opportunity for many live games being broadcast from the new ground. Stretching the length of the pitch, this will be the largest stand of the ground.

Finishing touches to Shrewsbury's New Meadow

Finishing touches to the New Meadow

Again, all the traditional aspects will be underneath in the concourses, such as canteens and bars. The toilet and disabled facilities will be second to none; some distance better than what is available at the club's current home.

Finally, we were shown what is to be the away end. Identical to the home end, bar the huge police control room at the back, this will house 1,774 spectators. There will also be a scoreboard suspended from the roof of this stand, allowing all other spectators to view the score and time.

After concluding the tour, I can safely say that this stadium will be something we should all be proud of, not just the football supporter. As a 17-year-old football fanatic, I can't wait to watch the mighty Shrews in their new home for the rest of my adult life.

last updated: 12/07/07

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What do you think about Shrewsbury Town's new stadium?

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Peter Farrow
Shrewsbury stadium is the best watch them play every week

Marco van Hardeveld from The Netherlands
I was at the Gay Meadow and I am curious to see The New Stadium of my club of UK!

thomas knowles
shrewsbury stadium is a good one now and lords of more peole can fit in there now and shrwsbury have a good football team

i am hereford fan and am really looking forward to going to watch them play at the New meadow. It looks great i believe the only downfall is not filling the corners in as i have heard from many other fans that it affects the atmosphere!!

the gay meadow wAS full of great games but it is time for the new meadow to do its job COME ON U BLUES

george and tom
we are season ticket holders its the best ground ever salop till i die COME ON U BLUES

Joe Mania
New stadium rocks! Doing well so far!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Marriott
It better than Gay Meadow and ready to promoted to League 1 and I will come to Stadium to see Tranmere

C Adams
It would have been better to see more of an ariel view to get a fuller picture. I don't think the pictures on this page do it justice.

Les Phillips.
I think the new stadium is great and i like the new logo,its about time the local councilors got of the clubs back over the safety issue, its only a small 10,000 seater, not wembley who got a certificate in half the time its taking this lot.

Tony Russell from Devon
With all this rain should the club invest in a coracle at the new meadow. Just a thought, but the best of luck for the coming season, shame we shall be changing places with AFC Bates Leeds so soon!!Tony Russell from deepest Devon.


i think the stadium looks good and looks a lot better than the old stadium

ben preece
i love the new ground its almost done now and the new season is coming up i hope we do well even win the leuge maybe

billy miller
ilove shrewsburytown they r great

stoker darwin
er can we have the last comment translated

the stadium is tha bomb!!!

i think that the new meadow will be awsome =D, but i will miss gay meadow thow! =( if we play as gd as da ground luks den were infor an ace seasonCUM ON U SHREWS!

wat a stadium!!!shame bwt d gay meadowbut cum on d shrews x

mal pugh
if it plays as well as it looks were in for a great season com on you shrews

Ryan cooke
I have to say another thingGreat article!C'mon the shrews

Josh Hughes
it's guna b wickd! guna miss Gay Meadow bt cant wait 4 the new 1! perfect time 4 a change

Ryan cooke

keith alexander
very state of the art but would have thought with the railway being so close a stop could and should have been situated there !!!

Kathryn Egerton
It's great news that we have got a new stadium but when we have got the chance to make it a lot better and there is no parking for the fans. This stadium has got to last for many years to come and this wil be a continous problem for town fans.

its gunna b amazin cant wait 4 it 2 help promote the town!!!

Alison McFadden
it looks quite good but will they be replanting any of the trees which were felled at the front?

Ryan Cooke
wicked, can't wait

Bryn Williams
I've passed the New Meadow at various stages of development en route to Cardiff by train. It now looks absolutely fabulous; let's face it, Gay Meadow was a dump! Whilst I wish STFC all the best in the play-offs, as a Wrexham fan I will be deeply disappointed if I do not see the Reds play at the new ground next season.

hi im a carlisle united fan i want town to win the play-offs because the ground would be nice to go too.


jack stephenson
I think that the new meadow is grat but the gay meadow was the and at the endof the seson it will be flatsi am 10 but i love the gat meadow but i have sported shrewsbury my hole live

paul johnson
For the club to survive it was necessary for them to move on from Gay Meadow.However,I think that they should have built the new ground with a capacity of 18000.If The Town make it through to Wembley I think that they will sell about that number of tickets.Surely the plan must be to aim for the second tier of english football and to play clubs who can bring large followings.Despite the many years of planning, to have so few parking spaces in an area of the town that is not easily accessible by foot is surely a mistake.It is heartening that the club have listened to the supporters regarding the seat colours,but the change of club badge bears no significance to it's heritage and is frankly awful.Like many past and present followers I will be sad to see the old ground go as with it's proximity to the town it really felt part of Shresbury.

michael speed
new ground new kit new balls big gate and awin what more love shrewsbury always my teamlive in australia but never miss what going on from michael speed

ben harvey!
will b ace!

Having passed the new meadowalmost every day from the start of building i've seen it develope from a mud pile into a smart football ground that this town can and SHOULD BE PROUD OF!!!!!!!!!!it's taken too long coming, but now it's here can the council get round to finnishing the plans for building the defences for the roundhead attack which they say may come at any time.

Dani Bishton
Its about time Town moved,If it wasn't for the chairman we would still of been at the meadow for many more years.everyone in shrewsbury support your Town

another bland stadium, how exciting,opposing players may well fall asleep during future games so maybe the Shrews will do well next season

Tony Russell from DevonI
If our football team are "bleak, pre-fabbed and free of character,roll on next season, in league one, or league two. The town have had a great season,shame about the bleak, pre-fabbed, free of character new badge though!!!

freddie horwood
gay medow willb mised but no riverside just a sainsburyss and railway line!!!

john westwood
looks bleak, pre-fabbed, free of character - like the team.

Looking forward for town to play at New meadow , but will miss Gay meadow though.

Stokie steve
Your new ground looks alright but just wondering if you have any standing areas? If not i fear it may become another souless new stadium with little atmoshere.

Stephen Matthias
Anything has to be better than the Gay Meadow!

stuart edwards
i think the new stadium will be good for town to play in with a new kit

kevin walker
things can only change for the better and people will accept changes and hopefully the future of stfc will be totally acceptable to everybody eventually even telford supporters who will be eveniuos of what stfc have acheived

Alex Lewis
What about parking as only the players and staff can park at the ground and stwards have been given a bit of Sainsbury's and thats it. Town have lost the plot with some of their decisions.

Dave from Darlo
Yet another negative comment from Richard Hill, if you dont like the look of the fantastic stadium then dont drive past it, unless of course you are a member of SARA that is. Then again maybe you would just like to continue to see the awful traffic congestion that hits the town for Saturday afternoon home games. Its time to accept that the stadium is here to stay, hopefully for many years with many sellout crowds.

Richard Hill
Another monstrous carbuncle for the county town. Are we striving to become the 'new' Telford for goodness sake? How can anyone suggest that those four large open sheds surrounding the pitch can be anything other than awful. Is this supposed to be architecture? I've seen more creative design in the local industrial estate. Why not go the whole hog and call it the Tesco Extra Meadow. Ra ra ra ra!

Dan Baker
It sounds and looks good! hats off to all the builders invilved and the people who made it possible. new era for the shrews!

Tony Russell from Devon
i have just caught up with stfc' s new badge for next season. all i can say is stuff the New Meadow change that disgraceful badge which belongs to the Lion Comic of the 1950's and Roy of the Rovers!!. Whoever designed this apalling badge should design one more and pack it in.absolutely outraged Tony Russell of Devon. come on Town this is one for the bin!!

Howard Eufiel
Further to mattsnapper's comments below, I agree totally and would also state that there is no evidence to suggest that human carbon emissions have contributed in any way to global warming. The oceans emit the most carbon by far and what do you propose to do with them? Also, if you think pumping our tyres up and reducing our 'global footprint' - another trendy slogan, will have any effect then you are clearly insane!I have also been on a tour of the new ground and I think it is an excellent addition to the community, something we should all be proud of (thought I doubt it). It's a shame the corners aren't filled in and I would have liked to see the front/roofs of the stands come together at these points if nothing else. Overall though, the facilities really are a vast improvement which, incidentally, is more than I can say for the new badge.

in reply to mr english's comments about saving the planet - what planet are YOU on sir..?? I guess your brain has been mugged by the politicians regarding global warming too then. Vegetation, Co2 from the oceans and volcanos all emit vast quantaties more than us humans. Global warming is due to sun spots effecting the earths atmosphere. We are in a cycle of warming up after the last ice age. Please do your homework before critising our new wonderful home. And yes - there will be a nice green training pitch and a nice green stadium pitch which will hopefully stage great matches in years to come.

Tony Russell from Devon
Let us hope the New Meadow will be Christened by the Town playing a premiership club. Man u or Chelsea will do! we can beat them easily, ok we had an off day 3 years ago when we narrowly lost 4-0 to Chelsea in the cup. bring them on!

Gill Tunna
Ground looks great but onething puzzles me How are the away supporters who arrive at the station to get to the ground. the police used to walk them up Castle street amd down the cop. this trek will take a bit longer.

Mike Floate
Not a patch on Gay Meadow - enjoy the traditional delights while you can, don't expect the atmosphere at the new ground to be anything like as good as you have at the moment.

Dave from Darlo
Oh what a narrow minded opinion from Mr Morris, I doubt you will be retracting your statement now, if you are not careful the Racecourse will be the 2nd biggest ground in the conference (After Oxford), the stadium is great, desinged by the same people that built the stadium in Darlo, the difference being there will be atmostphere at the new meadow.

james morris
i think the new stadium is poor its not as good as the racecourse ground carnt wait to see us hammer u lot on sunday

tony russell of devon
the new meadow looks superb and worthy of a potential league one club and without the need for coracles to rescue stray balls

Shrewsbury Ram
This new ground looks superb..a smaller version of my home team Derby's Pride Park. You should all be proud of it and enjoy its wondeful facilities for years to come and hopefully the rise up the leagues that it may inspire.

Richard Pulford
Had a tour around the new ground last week and thought it was looking fantastic. Roll on next season!

Mr Dominic Bradburne
Superb ground, can't wait to see them in the Premiership with the big boys. I wonder how our regional rivals Telford will feel? It will be an interesting discussion.

London Shrew
Mr Parker - what a pointless waste of space your argument is - no public money is being spent on the New Meadow.

Yes, let's increase the "gaeol" capacity, and while we're in a medieval spelling mood, re-introduce the gallows and public hangings and bear baiting too, perhaps as a replacement to that nuisance football game. As long as it's not done near my house of course. Like it or not, the club is a vital part of the town and has long been in need of a new stadium. I personally can't wait for it to be ready. Up the Town!

have they decided on what the new ground will be called?

top ground

Mr Parker
What a pointless waste of resources this project is. Only a fraction of the stadium's capacity will ever be used at any time, and this development will create increased pressure on surrounding road space owing to its situation. Given the current crisis with over crowding in gaeols, funds would have been better spent on increasing the capacity of the town's prison.

Dr X
If the club wanted to put up a wind turbine it would only give SARA something else to whinge about. The club has followed current legislation and the result is something that the community can be proud of. Well done Roland Wycherley and STFC.

Seeing as the club had enough trouble trying to even get permission to build the thing, thanks mainly to the council's ineptitude and dare I say it, the unwillingness of a significant proportion of the town's population to support anything to do with the club, whether or not the stadium should include solar panels or not was probably seen as a moot point, if considered at all, given the expense of such technology and the financial status of the club. You don't see any major shops (which strangely enough have never had much of a problem building in or out of the town) even planning that kind of thing and they arguably have a lot more cash to spend.

Sutton Farm Rules
I must admit I have been looking on with some excitement the building that has been taking place just a half mile away from my house. It looks as though this football ground will be a true asset to the town of Shrewsbury.

Chris H
Do any football grounds, or any new structure for that matter?

Chris Powis
Will the seats be wide enough to accomodate Hereford United Supporters ?

jason tierney
Thanks for your positive comments Steve English, needless to say to wont be attending the ground, or at least i hope not...

Chris Edwards
Clearly you have a problem with the look of the stadium, not its green credentials. High density structures (i.e. concrete ones) create a stable internal environment therefore lessening the need for heating and cooling systems. Personally i think it will be something the whole community can be proud of when finished. Nice article Sam.

Steve - one man's junk is another man's treasure. Not everyone thinks it is ugly. As for green issues - well, remember planning permission for this is actually several years old now, well before the latest discussions and debates. Carbon Neutral was not as trendy back then. From what i can see the best chance would be solar panels on the roof. I very much doubt there would be any chance of getting permission for a wind turbine. I would imagine collection of rainwater is possible. I think there is some sort of small water collection area already.

Bit early to be critisizing the Architects without even knowing whether or not measures have been taken.

Steve English
Claerly you dont understand Chris,I was enquiring if anything had been done in designing this football ground. Concrete is not exactly 'green' i.e does the ground have solar panels, wind powered generators this is what I mean by 'green'

Of course the construction is "green" and I don't mean just the pitch! It complies with every piece of current piece of legislation so don't blame the club if it's not to your liking, they've bent over backwards to deliver something the whole community can be proud of. The technical standards are set by others and the club complies.

Steve English
I would like to know if there is anything 'green' in this ugly construction, large supermarket chain bosses are thinking about conservation in design, who else is locally? Very poor effort from some architect or other! Wake up planners and help save the planet, we all need to encourage this!

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