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24 September 2014

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You are in: Shropshire > places > Place Feature > The Wrekin Giant

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

The Wrekin Giant

It's one of Shropshire's best-known landmarks - and legend has it, it was built by a giant with a grudge against Shrewsbury!

Giants crop up here, there and everywhere in folklore, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that one of them is supposedly responsible for Shropshire's best-known landmark - The Wrekin.

This giant was Welsh and had a grudge against the people of Shrewsbury.

So one day, he hatched an evil plot to get rid of the people and their town. He dug a spadeful of earth, and set off across the mountains.

The idea was to dump this spadeful of soil into the Severn at Shrewsbury, flooding the town and drowning its occupants.

Unfortunately for our giant, his sense of direction wasn't very good, and by the time he reached Wellington he wasn't just lost - he was tired, too.

So our Welsh giant had stopped for a rest when a cobbler came along the road from Shrewsbury, carrying home a sackful of shoes to repair.

The Wrekin from Lyth Hill

The Wrekin from Lyth Hill

The giant called out to the cobbler, asking him for directions to Shrewsbury, saying he intended to drown the whole town with his spadeful of earth.

Horrified, the cobbler had to do some quick thinking. He told the giant he was a long, long way from Shrewsbury, and showed him his sack of worn-out shoes. Our cobbler then told the giant he'd worn out all those pairs of shoes himself on his journey from Shrewsbury.

The fed-up giant was instantly put off and decided to forget all about Shrewsbury and go home instead.

He dumped his spadeful of soil by the road, then scraped his boots clean on the spade.

According to legend his spadeful of soil became the Wrekin, while the smaller hill beside it, the Ercall, is where our giant cleaned his boots.

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You are in: Shropshire > places > Place Feature > The Wrekin Giant

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