My Mate's a Bad Date

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My Mate's a Bad Date

We're on the lookout for fun-loving friends aged 18-34 with a great sense of humour, to get involved in our brand new dating show.

Does your friend self-sabotage every date they go on? Are they often ghosted or friendzoned?

Are YOU left to pick up the pieces?

If you’re tired of giving good advice only for it to fall on deaf ears, then get in touch. 

We’re enlisting the help of one of Gen X’s most trusted and award-winning sex and relationship influencers, to help nominated singletons own their personal dating dilemmas and transform them into the perfect date. 

If you have a friend who needs to turn their love life around, apply now! 

To apply
Age Limit
Applicants must be between 18 and 34 years of age.
Phone number
07393 757 947
(UK Only) Calls/texts will be charged at your standard network charge, please check with your service provider for exact costs.
Email address
Closing date
Thursday 31st October

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