Man Like Mobeen: Preview Screening

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Man Like Mobeen cast

BBC Three

Back for its second series, Man Like Mobeen stars Coventry born-and-raised comedian Guz Khan, as Mobeen, a 29-year-old man from Small Heath. This part of Birmingham is a reported no go zone for anyone who isn’t Muslim and a hotbed for terrorist activity. In reality Mobeen, like most other people in Birmingham, knows no terrorists, and spends his time with his best mates Eight and Nate and - most importantly - looks after his sassy little sister, Aqsa. He does all of this alone, acting as a very hairy mother, father and brother figure in the hood.

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Monday21 January5.30pm

The Glee Club, Birmingham

The Arcadian, 70 Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD

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Getting there

By Car

Directions from M6
Follow the A38(M) for 2 miles (signs for the city centre). At the end of the motorway, take the flyover signed M5 South West. Coming off the flyover, pass under the tunnel following signs for Inner Ring Road South. Take the next tunnel (Queensway). Follow signs for Bromsgrove A38 which takes you to a third underpass. On surfacing get in the left hand lane and turn first left (Bromsgrove Street), go straight ahead and Arcadian Centre Parking is just on your left.

Directions from M5
Going over the traffic lights at Bristol Street (McDonalds on your left), move into the left lane (signed BR New Street). Continue forward and move into the right hand lane. Turn full circle at this roundabout (Holloway Circus) and get in the left hand lane. Turn first left (Bromsgrove Street), go straight ahead and Arcadian Centre Parking is just on your left.

By Bus

The Birmingham Glee is served by the following routes: 2, 3, 5, 5A, 6, 16, 16A, 17, 24, 31,35, 37, 45, 47, 50, 58, 60, 61, 63, 80, 82, 87, 89, 97A, 120, 127, 128, 900, 957, and X64.

By Train

The Birmingham Glee is within walking distance of New Street Station and Moor Street Station.

Directions from Moor Street Station
On exiting Moor Street station, use the crossing on the left hand side, rather than the one to the right, and cross over the road towards the Bullring. Follow the road around to the right and walk underneath the underpass. On exiting the underpass, keep walking straight down the road past an entrance to the Bullring and Debenhams on your left hand side. Walk straight down to the traffic lights. Turn left here, crossing Smallbrook Queensway and onto Hurst Street. The path to the entrance is one hundred yards on the left next to The Green Cafe.
Distance approximately 0.5 miles, 10 minute walk.

Directions from New Street Station
When exiting on to the station concourse, follow the exit signs for the Southside Exit. This exit will take you on to Hill Street and has both steps and a disabled lift. Cross over the road at the crossing point and turn left - towards the lower end of Hill Street. Carry on straight over the double crossing at the Smallbrook Queensway Junction and carry on to Hurst Street. The theatre is on your right. The walk is less than five minutes away from the station exit. The path to the entrance is one hundred yards on the left next to The Green Room Cafe.

Disabled Access

All venues are wheelchair accessible.

As all of our auditoriums are above ground level, wheelchair users and those unable to navigate stairs will be shown upstairs via a lift, with one of our lovely members of floor staff.