What happens when I arrive at the venue?

Your ticket will be printed with some useful information and timings, which provide you with a guide for when to arrive, what time the recording is due to start and an estimated finish time.

For many of our venues we also give a clear guide as to what time our stewards will start validating tickets on the day of the recording. Ticket validation normally involves putting a numbered sticker on the ticket and scanning the barcode. Once your ticket(s) have been validated you know that you will get into the studio. Until your ticket has been validated, admission is not guaranteed and is on a first come first served basis.

Photo ID is required by all audience members over 18 in order to gain admittance. Your ID will be checked along with your tickets.

Information about acceptable forms of ID can be found in our FAQ What ID should I bring with me on the day?

There will be occasions when we require all audience members to be present at the time of ticket validation, although this is rare and will be indicated at the time of application. Otherwise, one person can arrive earlier and validate tickets for all members of their party, allowing anyone who can’t get there quite as early or would have difficulty standing in the queue the option of coming along later. That way, anyone with other commitments or any kind of physical disability that would make queuing hard can arrive in time for the studio doors to open when we start allowing people inside. Please be aware that even if you are not present for ticket validation, you will still require photo ID in order to gain entry to the studio / recording.

If someone in your party has a physical disability that would make standing in the queue difficult but they need to accompany you to the venue for validation, at many of our venues we can accommodate this by finding somewhere for them to sit and wait while you go through the ticket validation process. Please note that at some venues this will not always be possible so do make sure you have let us know about any access needs. See our FAQ What arrangements are there for access needs / disabled people? for more information.

Depending on the time available and the set up at the venue, once you’ve had your ticket validated you may be able to go away and find somewhere to buy food / coffee / wait more comfortably until the time you are needed back at the venue ('doors open' time). Stewards will be able to advise you on the day if this is an option.

Please bear in mind that if you choose to leave the venue after your tickets have been validated, you must be back in time for the ‘doors open’ time. Anyone who returns late will not be admitted.

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