Funky Phrasals

Funky Phrasals brings you some useful ways of talking about health.

Funky Phrasals
• to go down with something
• to fight something off
• to bring something down
• to cool down
• to get over
Part A - Listening
Listen to the conversation
Download the text and examples (15k pdf)

Part B - Reading
Read the conversation

VICKI:Hey Matt, are you feeling ok? I don?t think you?re looking too well today. Are you okay?
MATT:Am I okay? No, not really. I?ve got a temperature, a headache, a sore throat?.I think I?m going down with something.
VICKI:Oh dear?I?d say you?re going down with the flu!
VICKI:So poor Matt is not very well.
MATT:Yes, I think I?m going down with the flu. But I?ve got to fight it off Vicki! We?ve got a programme to do.
VICKI:What a professional, trying not to let yourself get ill, trying to fight it off.
MATT:The show must go on!

I think I'm going down with the flu.

VICKI:I?ve got some pain killers in my bag somewhere?Here?
MATT:Oh. Thanks, that should bring my temperature down.
VICKI:Yes, hopefully it?ll reduce your temperature.
VICKI:And here?s some water.
MATT:Thanks. Cold water will cool me down too.
VICKI:Yes, if you?re feeling hot and unwell, drinking water will stop you being so hot.
MATT:(drinks) Argh. That hurts my throat!
VICKI:Hmm you?re a difficult patient! Why don?t you go and have a bit of a lie down?
VICKI:So, Matt, how are you feeling now.
MATT:Oh?I?m feeling much better thanks! I think I?m getting over it all.
VICKI:Well that?s a relief.

Part 1C - More examples
Here are some more examples of these phrasal verbs in use:
Listen to the examples
Download the text and examples (15k pdf)

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