Sreda, 26. avgust 2009. - Objavljeno 21:53 GMT

"Problematičan" popis u Keniji

"Which tribe are you?" That's the question which has made the census in Kenya controversial. Tribal divisions are deeply rooted in Kenyan society and many people are proud of their tribe. But after last year's inter-tribal violence in which more than one thousand people were killed, there are those who feel the ethnicity question should have been dropped as part of the effort to promote national healing. Some people say they will simply answer, "I am a Kenyan." The government says all the questions are intended to help the authorities to plan better.

Kenyans may have been encouraged to stay at home and be counted but one of the toughest challenges facing the census officials will be finding Kenya's nomadic pastoralists. Due to an ongoing drought they are travelling further, even crossing international borders.

Will Ross, BBC News, Nairobi


popis stanovništva

are deeply rooted
imaju duboke korene, uvreženi su u narodnoj tradiciji

inter-tribal violence
sukob između različitih plemena

the ethnicity question should have been dropped
pitanje o etničkom poreklu je trebalo da bude izostavljeno

to promote national healing
da podrži pomirenje među sukobljenim stranama u narodu, da promoviše nacionalno pomirenje

the authorities
vlasti, pripadnici državne administracije

be counted
budu prebrojani, zaračunati, uključeni (tokom popisa)

nomadic pastoralists
ljudi koji ne žive u kućama već na velikoj otvorenoj teritoriji kojom se kreću i hrane se bilo čime što nađu u prirodi

an ongoing drought
suša, dugotrajan period bez kiše