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  • … alleged bully boy tactics by the GM food industry - and its biggest fan: the US government. Genetically modified (GM) food was supposed to be…

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  • David Gregory - Gregory's First Law / 7 June 2012

    Indeed in its 2010 manifesto The Green Party said it would push for a Europe-wide ban on GM food. As science fights back I'm starting to hear…

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  • Society See Buyer's guide Soya flour is available from health food shops. If you want to avoid GM foods, check the label carefully, and buy organic…

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    Food Standards Agency

    Facts about the science behind GM foods, their production, marketing and labelling and how they are assessed for safety

  • Find out how biotechnology can help to provide sufficient food for the future through sustainable agriculture

  • Guide evaluating developments in food safety, nutrition and biotechnology, including additives and storage

  • Businessworld India / 30 July 2014

    food productivity, two organisations linked to his party sought a ban on trials on genetically modified (GM) food. Irony or coincidence, this…

  • Economic Times / 30 July 2014

    … mustard and cotton. The delegation had reminded the Minister that Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture in its report on GM food crops…

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